Free Automotive Advice

Jean Scheid
Free Automotive Advice
The Internet can help you solve car problems!

From auto repair to buying a car, everyone these days seems to be searching for free automotive advice. There are many places on the Internet that offer driving tips, free auto repair insights, car buying advice. You'll even find ideas to help you boost your car's fuel efficiency.

Types of Free Automotive Advice

Free Auto Repair Advice

If you need to know how to change your oil, replace a filter, or perform more complex repairs, there are many places to find free auto repair advice on the Internet. Here are just a few:

  • AutoRepair Forums - This website is free to use if you create a user name and password. All questions posted are organized by manufacturer, and the forum is updated daily with answers to posed questions. Find tips on brakes, car engine light problems, and other repairs. You can also search the forum for answers to question about specific makes and models.
  • 2 Car Pros - While this website encourages you to ask a specific question and then pay for the answer, if you scroll down the home page, they do have many free videos and articles. You'll find topics such as how to change an air filter, as well as free advice on replacing brake pads and rotors.

Free Driving Tips

Whether you're a new driver or have lots of experience behind the wheel, everyone can find useful information on road and driving tips, how to avoid accidents, and even how to recover if you find yourself in a skidding situation.

  • Independent Traveler - At this site, you'll find great road trip tips, as well as how to save money on gas. Visit their "Road Trip Center," and read helpful articles like the rest stop survival guide. You can also use a handy calculator tool to find out how much your road trip will cost.

Free Car Buying Tips

Often, people are intimidated about the process of buying a vehicle. There are many websites that offer articles ranging from avoiding sales scams to how to choose the best new car and buying guides for used cars.

  • Edmunds Tips & Advice - Edmunds, an online leader in automotive information of all kinds, has a section dedicated to car buying tips and advice. Their True Cost to Own free calculator is one of the most accurate you'll find, and they also provide articles from salespeople on sales scams and the true dealer cost of a car.
  • Car Buying Tips - Read information-packed articles on how to buy both new and used cars, what to look for in a vehicle, and how to avoid dealer scams. This site also offers tips on purchasing a hybrid and the best car deals for military personnel.

Free Tips on Fuel Efficiency

If you want information on the most fuel-efficient cars or hybrid or electric vehicles, here are a few good websites on fuel efficiency.

  • Fuel Economy - Here, you'll find information on how to drive more efficiently and how to purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle. This government website even offers a "Gas Mileage Guide" you can download and print.
  • Fuel Efficiency Tips - For committed environmentalists, this website offers information on bio diesel, HHO fuel kits, hybrid cars, and even electric vehicles.

Summing Up Free Automobile Advice

Everyone wants to find ways to save money when they repair, purchase, or drive a car. If you want free automotive advice, browse some of the websites above. Steer clear of websites that ask for money before they provide any type of automobile advice. There is simply a plethora of free advice if you do a little research.

Free Automotive Advice