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Automotive Air Filter Reviews

Automotive Air Filters Reviews

When you're shopping for automotive air filters, reviews can help you choose the product that is best for your car or truck. Here's a breakdown of well-known air filters and what reviewers say about them.

K&N 33-2304 Filters

Positive reviews note K&N makes some of the best custom air filters today. According to reviewers at Global Garage, K&N filters excel in helping free up airflow, which can improve horsepower and acceleration. These filters are also washable and reusable and can run up to 50,000 miles before a rinsing is needed. Legal in all 50 states, K&N air filters come with a ten-year, 100,000-mile warranty. In addition, the reviewer noted these air filters are extremely easy to install, and they fit almost every vehicle on the market.

On the other hand, some Amazon customers complained the filters didn't fit their car. This was particularly true of Subaru vehicles. In addition, some customers felt its benefits to the engine were a little hyped.


Reviewers liked this filter. As reviewed by XL Race Parts, this air filter keeps the majority of road dust and other particles from getting into the car. It also uses Arm & Hammer baking soda in the filter that helps stop odors. It helps the airflow, which improves the air conditioning and heating. The filter requires changing every 12,000 miles.

However, one of the most critical reviewers was dissatisfied with the product, saying it didn't work as advertised because it reduced airflow for his vehicle instead of increasing it.

AC Delco

Many reviewers like these filters. AC Delco has been in business since 1916, so they are a household name among car enthusiasts and mechanics. As the site My Car Needs This says in its review, these filters are of excellent quality. Their tightly sealed designs increase the performance of the airflow in cars slightly, and they help with fuel efficiency.

Alternatively, the most critical review complained it didn't quite fit their model of car, even though Amazon said it would (and this may be a critique more of Amazon than the air filter.) However, the reviewer also said there was no arrow on the filter that indicated which direction to install it, which was frustrating.

Mann-Filter C 25 114/1

This filter is well-reviewed on Global Garage for its bargain price and high quality. The reviewer at Global Garage especially appreciated the product's dirt partition, which has embossed paper. This gives it a strength that enhances the filter's performance. It is especially recommended for drivers who live in desert areas. The reviewer was impressed by how thoroughly the product caught the smallest particles of dust, sand, and moisture.

On the other hand, some customer reviewers found it did not fit their vehicle, and the clips almost broke off while the person was trying to force it in to make it fit.


Ranked by My Car Needs This as one of the best air filters to buy, the site's reviewer noted how the Purolator is designed for maximum efficiency in its performance. Other reviews, such as Advanced Auto Parts reviewers, praised the filter for having the same quality as what a dealership would have but without the dealership's inflated priced. The reviewer also like how easy it was to install (only required a few minutes), and it required no other tool than a screwdriver to unscrew the clamp.

Critical reviewers found mismatches between the filter contained in the packaging and the filter type labeled on the package, which was frustrating when he or she realized it was the wrong filter. Others complained the filter did not fit their particular make and model of car. Another reviewer felt it was too difficult to install.

Ask a Mechanic In-Person

Online reviews are helpful, but it's always good to get some quality face-to-face advice. To ensure you purchase a quality product, stop by an auto shop and ask a mechanic in-person about air filters. Most mechanics will be happy to give you some free advice. If they impress you enough, they might win your loyalty as a customer.

Automotive Air Filter Reviews