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If you're buying a newer used car, a retired Avis rental car may be a great option. When car rental companies buy new cars, they replace previous models that have been part of their rental fleet. These cars may have high miles for their age, but most car rental companies, including Avis, are meticulous about maintaining their vehicles. These cars can offer the ideal combination of useful features, new car appearance, and competitive pricing.

Buying Directly from Avis

Avis has partnered with AutoNation Direct to sell their used cars through the Avis Used Car Sales program. The cars are receive to a rigorous maintenance check, polished to bring back a new vehicle shine, and carefully steam cleaned to remove dirt or stains on the interior. You can view Avis' available cars online and search by year, make, model, price, and style.

Currently, the Avis car program through AutoNation Direct is only available in certain states. You can use the website to find a great retired rental care if you live in, or can travel to, one of the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Nevada

You can also find Avis rental cars for sale at some Avis locations, such as the Piscataway, New Jersey Avis. Call an Avis dealer near you to find out if they sell their cars directly to the consumer.

Buying Avis Cars from Dealers

Most auto dealerships supplement their used or pre-owned inventory by purchasing rental units, including Avis cars. If you've visited the Avis sales website and don't live in the states that participate, you may still be able to buy an Avis rental car from a dealer. To find out, talk to local car dealers to see if they buy Avis cars.

Dealer-Only Auto Auctions

If you know an auto dealer, you can work with them to purchase an Avis rental car at a dealer-only auction. You can also call dealerships near you to see if they participate in the following auctions:

  • Memphis Auto Auction - If you live in the Memphis, Tennessee area, call any new or used dealership and ask if they purchase Avis cars from Memphis Auto Auctions.
  • Manheim - With locations all over the United States, many dealers visit this auction to purchase former Avis rental cars for resale. Call your dealer to see if they participate.
  • Deanco Auto Auction - Located in Dothan, Alabama, Deanco offers Avis and other rental cars for sale to dealers only.

Buying from Independent Used Car Lots

Independent used car lots are also eligible to attend dealer auctions as long as they have a valid dealer or dismantler license in the state where they do business. The larger the used car lot, the more vehicles they'll have to offer, including Avis rental cars. Check your local newspaper for advertisements from independent used car lots, or call some in your area and ask about their inventory of used Avis cars.

Rental Car Shopping Tips

It's always a good idea to do research when buying a car, and this is especially true when you buy a used car from a car rental company. Keep these tips in mind to make sure you get a great used Avis car at a fair price.

Maintenance Is Important

When some travelers rent a vehicle, they do not treat it with same respect they would offer their own car. They might drive the car roughly or spill things in the interior. Since they don't have an ownership stake in the car, they may misuse it. This treatment is a concern for some buyers considering a former rental car.

However, most reputable rental car agencies like Avis are careful about maintaining their vehicles. These companies know that their reputation is on the line with every car they rent. They are painstaking about vehicle maintenance because they don't want a car to break down while a customer is driving it. When buying a vehicle from Avis, you can feel confident that the vehicle has received excellent maintenance.

Do Your Homework

Not all dealerships or used car lots will tell you that the used car you are purchasing is a rental car. Before signing on the dotted line, do a little research to be sure your used rental car is worth the money.

As with any purchase of a used car, it can be a big help to get a full history of the vehicle from services like AutoCheck or CARFAX. These reports will clearly state that the car was previously a rental and provide any information about accidents that may have affected the vehicle. AutoNation Direct also performs a safety and quality inspection on each vehicle.

Consider a Warranty

Although extended warranty is not always a good investment, rental cars come with a lot of unknowns. Buying a warranty may give you peace of mind.

It's a good idea to buy an extended warranty if the Avis rental car has less than 80,000 miles, which almost all do. You can purchase an extended warranty from any franchised dealership or online at places like Warranty Direct.

A Newer Used Car for a Lower Price

If you have a limited budget and want a newer used car, a retired Avis rental car could be the perfect option for you. You can buy Avis cars through the Avis website or through a local dealer. Either way, this could be a great car that will last for many miles.

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