Big Cars for Girls

Honda Pilot

Through market research, auto manufacturers first discovered males and females do like different types of cars. It was widely thought that women tended to look at safety where for men, it was speed and performance. But with generalities come differences and more and more, there are big cars for girls too and they love them!

Trucks and SUVs - Not Just for Guys

Although the truck market was predominately made up of male shoppers, over the past three decades, girls are buying more trucks and have long been fond of their SUVs. "Buying patterns are changing," says sales manager Leo Marquez of Enchantment Ford in New Mexico. "More often than not, it's the female who makes the final decision." Mr. Marquez also told LovetoKnow Cars, "In 1987, when Dodge came out with the Dakota, a mid-size truck, they were more popular with girls. Now," says Mr. Marquez, "big cars for girls are popular. Girls love trucks like the GMC Sierra, the Ford F-150, and the Dodge Ram. If you look at SUVs, girls are buying the Ford Edge, the Cadillac Escalade, the Honda Pilot and Hummers."

Ford Edge
Ford Edge

Service manager Tony Perez at Friday Motors, a GM dealership in Taos, tells us, "I see tiny five foot girls hopping out of those big SUVs and trucks when they bring them in for service. Trends are indeed changing, and while girls of all ages are buying bigger cars, as men age, they tend to go for the luxury car," says Mr. Perez.

Top Selling Trucks and SUVs Girls Are Buying

According to AOL Autos, the top ten big cars for girls in sales were:

Top Ten Trucks and SUVs
Vehicle Type Price Range Rank
Ford Edge SUV $26,920-$35,770 10
Honda Pilot SUV $27,895-$38,645 9
GMC Sierra Truck $19,375-$44,020 8
Toyota Tacoma Truck $15,170-$27,075 7
Toyota RAV4 SUV $21,500-$27,810 6
Honda CRV SUV $21,245-$27,245 5
Dodge Ram Truck $21,520-$43,490 4
Ford Escape SUV $20,435-$27,670 3
Chevy Silverado Truck $19,375-$41,355 2
Ford F-150 Truck $21,565-$36,100 1

With five top trucks and five top SUVs, big vehicles are on the minds of girls. The sales trends over the last three decades may partly be due to girl's professions and lifestyles.

Big Cars For Girls and Lifestyles

Toyota RAV4
Toyota RAV4

In the 1950s and 1960s, when cars were long and big, more girls were guided to lifestyles that were considered gender related. Girls could be stay-at-home Moms, secretaries or schoolteachers. In more recent decades, women have bigger interests. There are more female executives, farmers, auto mechanics, and race car drivers. Other girls simply prefer the protection, styling, and power of these big trucks and SUVs.

Girls Customize Cars Too!

Edmunds tells us girls customize their cars too, and are interested in many of the same things guys want. According to Edmunds, girl car enthusiast's percentages are rising and with enthusiasm comes accessorizing. How fast can it go, how loud is the sound system, and how tricked out can it be, are all questions girls are asking. Exotic paint colors and trims are also popular with the ladies. Girl car accessories are more than pink fuzzy dice. Girls like sub-woofers, increasing engine performance, bigger tires, and custom floor mats.

Great Websites for Girls Interested In Cars

  • Car-Buy-Her - Another women-produced website, you'll find all sorts of information on cars here from buying guides to repair questions. This site offers great tips to use at the dealership and an Auto Purchasing Planner guide.
  • Edmunds Women & Family - A division of Edmunds get driving and maintenance tips, research cars, and even learn car lot lingo!

As big cars for girls become top sellers everywhere, girl car enthusiasts are finding ways to make their cars faster, achieve better sound, and with rims and tires that are tricked out!

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