Used Car Appraisal Services in Canada

Canadian Used Car Appraisal

If you're considering buying or selling a used car in Canada, it's often a good idea to have the vehicle appraised by a professional. In addition, if you own a classic or antique car, a professional appraisal is important for insuring your rare vehicle against damage or theft. There are a number of Canadian appraisal services that can give you an accurate idea of what your car is worth.

Professional Car Appraisal Services by Province

As opposed to looking up the value of your used car on the Internet, an appraisal service gives you a thorough and accurate statement about your car's value. It applies to your specific vehicle, taking into account options, damage, local market conditions, and many other factors. No matter where you live in Canada, you can find a service to appraise your car.

British Columbia

Car owners in British Columbia can get professional appraisals from the following services:

  • Special Interest Auto Appraisals - In business since 1989, this service has performed appraisals all over Canada and the world. They mainly handle the interior of British Columbia and works with all types of cars and trucks.
  • Coast Auto Appraisals, Ltd. - Serving the area around Vancouver, this appraisal service has been in business since 2003. They cover all types of vehicles.


Residents of Manitoba can get auto appraisals from these businesses:

  • Nostalgic Vehicle Appraisals - Specializing in classic cars, this Oakbank service has been doing appraisals since 1991. The owner, Bruce McLean is also a member of the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick residents can get vehicle appraisals from these services:

  • Perron's Appraisals - Licensed to perform appraisals in both New Brunswick and Quebec, this Campbellton-based service has been in business for more than 10 years.
  • Corey Hopkins Appraisals - Located in Fredericton, this service covers antique and classic automobiles, as well as insurance damage appraisals.

Nova Scotia

If you live in Nova Scotia, you can get your car appraised at Independent Auto Appraisals, Ltd. Specializing in appraising cars that have been damaged in an accident, this service is based in Dartmouth but covers all of Nova Scotia.


Residents of Ontario have many choices when it comes to car appraisals:

  • Edwards Collector Car Appraisals - This vehicle specializes in collector, antique, and custom vehicles. They serve Barrie, Muskoka, Ontario, and Simcoe counties.
  • Cross Automotive Appraisal Services - Based in Milton, this appraisal service specializes in restored and unrestored classic vehicles. They have been in business since 1994.
  • Moore's Appraisal Services - Covering all of Ontario, this business offers both insurance appraisals and ordinary vehicle appraisals of both classic cars and regular vehicles.


If you live in Quebec, you can get your vehicle appraised at the following:

All of Canada

Canavan's Central Appraisals has dozens of locations across Canada. This business is a great choice if you prefer a national service. Contact information for all locations is listed on the website.

What to Expect During the Appraisal

Although each business has its own process, a typical car appraisal follows this process:

  1. You bring your vehicle to the appraisal business, or the business comes to you.
  2. The appraiser examines your car inside and out. He or she may drive the vehicle as well to see how it functions mechanically.
  3. The appraiser looks up information about your car, such as its title history, details about the manufacturer and year, and other data. He or she also examines the local market to help determine a value.
  4. You receive a professional appraisal with all the information about your car, as well as the appraised value. This may include different values for insurance purposes, selling by owner, and selling to a dealer.

Results You Can Trust

No matter where you live in Canada, there's a professional appraiser who can help you assess the value of your vehicle. Whether you need this information for insurance purposes, to buy or sell a vehicle, or simply to satisfy your curiosity, you can trust the results of this type of vehicle appraisal.

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Used Car Appraisal Services in Canada