Car Company Logos

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In addition to being an essential part of advertising and brand identity, car company logos provide a powerful visual image for auto consumers. Each automobile manufacturer has a unique logo, many of which have changed dramatically over the years. In some cases, these logos are tied to the company's history in surprising ways.

List of Car Company Logos

Abarth logo
Now Fiat's racing arm, Abarth's logo is rich with meaning. The scorpion represents the Zodiac sign of company founder Karl Alberto Abarth, and the shield is a symbol of passion and triumph. The colors beneath the name represent the Italian flag.
Acura logo
Honda's luxury brand features a logo that looks like a stylized letter "A" inside a circle. The symbol also represents the caliper, an important precision engineering tool.
Aixam logo
Now Aixam Mega, the logo for this French microcar manufacturer is simple and elegant, spelling out the company's original name and calling out the first letter with a bold "A" (or "M" in some cases) inside a circular graphic.
Alfa Romeo
This Italian exotic car brand has a complicated, circular logo featuring a red cross and a green snake with a dragon's head. These symbols represent the city of Milan, where the company was founded.
Aston Martin
Aston Martin
The British luxury car brand has an iconic logo of a pair of wings with the company name. A version of this logo has graced Aston Martin cars since the 1920s.
This German automaker's four interlocking rings represent this history of the company as it started out as four smaller companies.
Bajoun is a General Motors brand made and sold only in China. The name means "treasured horse" - and that's exactly what the logo depicts.
The British exotic car manufacturer features a winged logo with a letter "B" in the center. The wings in this logo call up the company's aerospace roots.
BMW's blue and white checkerboard pattern represents an airplane propeller, since BMW was originally an airplane manufacturer. The logo's colors and checks are from the Bavarian flag, where the company was founded.
This American car brand features a logo with three shields inside a circle. The idea for the shield came from the Buick family crest.
Cadillac has had many logos over the years. This current version features two stalks of wheat with a shield in the center.
One of the most iconic American car logos, the symbol for Chevrolet is a simple angled cross with a longer horizontal line. The design is referred to as the Chevrolet bowtie.
There are several versions of the Chrysler logo, but the most recognizable is a pentagon with a star in the center, referred to as the Chrysler Pentastar. The current version is sleeker and simpler, suggesting wings.
Citroen logo
The double chevrons in
Citroen's logo represent the Helical Gear, a Citroen invention that is used in every modern automobile. They also represent the company's commitment to technical innovation.
Dacia logo
This Romanian car brand has been part of Renault since 1999.The company is bold and simple, highlighting the company name in a shade of blue representative of one of the colors of the Romanian flag, on a bold, silver-tone graphic.
Daewoo logo

The modern logo of this Korean General Motors brand still bears the crown-shaped emblem from the company's early days. The shape is similar to that of a now defunct, but once popular, football club in South Korea.

Daimler logo
The Daimler logo is simple and elegant, conveying the same sense of understated luxury that this German car manufacturer is known for around the world.
Datsun logo
The Datsun brand is exclusive to Japan and emerging markets like India. The logo places the brand front and center, superimposed over a striking chrome and blue graphic.
Denza logo

As the first Chinese car brand dedicated to new energy vehicles, Denza's logo represents the company's values of responsibility to nature and society

The logo for this American brand features is the manufacturer's name in simple block lettering. The two red stripes represent speed and agility.
Ferrari logo
This Italian exotic car manufacturer uses a logo of a rearing horse, often set inside a yellow rectangle. The same horse logo once graced the sides of an Italian ace fighter pilot's plane.
Fiat's bold red logo calls to mind its retro roots, as well as a sleek, modern style.
The Ford logo is simple and instantly recognizable: a blue oval with the company name in script lettering. A version of this logo has been in use since 1927.
GM logo

The white lettering in General Motors' logo stands for the company's purity, charm and integrity. The blue background indicates excellence and trustworthiness.

This American car company symbol is easy to recognize, since it is simply the letters "GMC" in red block lettering.
Holden logo
This GM-owned Australian car company's logo features a lion rolling a stone - a graphic representation of the invention of the wheel.
The Japanese carmaker features a symbol of a silver letter "H" inside a rectangle.
Hummer logo
Hummer's logo features the company's name and slogan in block letters appropriate for the company's rugged, yet luxurious, vehicles.
The symbol for the Korean auto company is a slanted blue letter "H" inside an oval
This high-end auto brand has an oval logo with a notch out of the bottom.
Isuzu logo
This Japanese car company's logo is a bright red representation of its name with mirror image "s" and "z" letters.
Luxury carmaker Jaguar has a logo of a leaping jungle cat with the company name underneath.
Just like the classic vehicle itself, the Jeep logo is simple and utilitarian, consisting of the company name in block letters.
Jeifang logo
China's first domestic car manufacturer bears a logo with the number one as the focal feature. The company is a joint venture with General Motors, and the colors reflect that relationship.
This Korean automaker has a logo of the company's name in red letters, surrounded by a red oval.
The Lamborghini logo is a gold shield with the company name above a charging bull which stands for Taurus, the Zodiac sign of the company founder.
Lancia logo
The Lancia logo features the company's name surrounded by a lance and a shield.
Land Rover
Land Rover
The green oval Land Rover logo is easily recognizable and elegantly simple.
The luxury arm of Toyota features a simple letter "L" logo inside a silver circle.
This American carmaker has a simple logo of a vertical rectangle with a cross on it.
The Lotus logo is a yellow circle with a green, curved triangle featuring the company name.
Maserati logo
The graphic on Maserati's logo is a red three-pronged spear referred to as a trident. It rises from a base that bears the company's name.
Maybach's logo features two overlapping letter "M"s on a triangular, orange background.
The logo for this Japanese company features a rounded rectangle with a winged V-shape in the center.
This simple logo is a circle with a three-pointed star in the center. The logo represents the merging of Mercedes and Daimler who had a laurel wreath and a star as their symbols respectively.
Mini's iconic, winged logo calls to mind its British roots and retro style.
Mitsubishi features a logo with three red diamonds arranged in the shape of a triangle. The logo represents the combination of two family crests.
This automaker has a simple logo of a silver circle with the company name across the center.
Opel logo
The Opel logo features lightning streaking across an open circle above the German company's name. The logo is inspired by the Opel Blitz truck, as "blitz" is German for "lightning."
Peugeot logo
Peugeot's logo has featured a lion since 1948. The modern version features a lion above the company's name. The metallic color represents the brand's values, which are excellence, emotion, and allure.
The Porsche logo features a shield with a prancing horse in the center, and red and black stripes. The horse represents the city seal of Stuttgart, Germany, where the brand was founded.
RAM logo
The logo for this American brand features a ram's head inside a shield shape.
Renault logo
Renault's logo is a silver diamond above the name on a yellow background. The yellow color represents the brand's joy, optimism and prosperity, while the silver stands for sophistication and creativity.
Renault Nissan
Renault Nissan Alliance
Representing the alliance of the French and Japanese automakers, this logo features both brand names beneath graphic elements that show their corporate colors joining together.
Renault Samsung
Renault Samsung Alliance
This logo represents the sophistication and creativity used by Renault Samsung Motors in its quest to produce high-end, modern vehicles and the company's focus on research and development.
This luxury brand has a symbol of two overlapping letter "R"s on a blue background.
This logo is a blue circle with a red, griffin head wearing a gold crown.
Saturn logo
Saturn's logo is a silver abstract representation for the planet bearing the same name over a red background. The graphic is outlined in silver and positioned above the brand name.
This Toyota offshoot features an oval logo with a slanted vertical line and a horizontal bar printed with the company name.
SEAT logo
The logo for this Spanish car company features a bold, silver depiction of an "S" above the brand name boldly presented in red.
Skoda logo
The Skoda insignia is an encircled arrow with wings beneath the brand name. The colors and design represent this Czech Republic company's focus on the environment, eco-materials, progress and innovation.
Smart Car
Smart Car
The Smart Car has a logo shaped like the letter "C" with a yellow triangle.
The Spyker logo calls to mind the company's aero roots with its airplane propellers.
SRT logo
Street Racing Technology (SRT) is a Chrysler brand. The logo features the brand's initials (and common name) in a slanted shape that indicates speed. The red color represents speed and agility, and is the same shade used in the logo for sister-brand Dodge.
Subaru has a blue logo featuring several silver stars. The five smaller stars represent the five Japanese car companies that banded together to form the larger company.
Suzuki logo

This logo features a bold, red "S" symbol above the full name in dark blue. The red represents the brand's passion, determination and vitality, while the blue stands for strength and harmony.

This green automaker features a shield-shaped logo with a stylized letter "T."
Toyota's current logo is made up of three overlapping ovals and the company name.
Vauxhall logo
The focal point of Vauxhall's logo is a silver griffin over a red-background carrying a flag with a cut-out "V." The modern version showcases the company's UK manufacturing heritage as well as its fresh philosophy toward design.
This German automaker once had a swastika as its logo, but it now features an overlapping "V" and "W."
The symbol of this Swedish automaker is a silver circle with an arrow out of the top right, with the company name across the center.
Wuling logo
The logo for this Chinese car company features five, red diamond shapes put together to represent a capital "W" in an abstract way.

Historical Car Company Logos

Audi AG Historical Logos

1909 Audi logo
1932 Audi logo
1949 Audi logo
1965 Audi logo
1969 Audi logo
1985 Audi logo
1994 Audi logo
Source: Unternehmensarchiv der AUDI AG (Corporate Archives of AUDI AG)

Benz & Cie. Historical Logos

1903 Benz & Cie. logo
1909 Benz & Cie. logo
Source: Daimler © Daimler

BMW Historical Logos

1917 BMW logo
1933 BMW logo
1954 BMW logo
1974 BMW logo
1979 BMW logo
Source: BMW Media. Logo © BMW

Cadillac Historical Logos

1906 Cadillac logo
1908 Cadillac logo
1915 Cadillac logo
1920 Cadillac logo
1933 Cadillac logo
1947 Cadillac logo
1957 Cadillac logo
Source: General Motors Media. Logos © Cadillac

Chevrolet Historical Logos

1911-1914 Chevrolet logo
1914 Chevrolet logo
1916 Chevrolet logo
1934 Chevrolet logo
1940-1950 Chevrolet logo
1942 Chevrolet logo
1957-1959 Chevrolet logo
1960's Chevrolet logo
1965 Chevrolet logo
1977-1979 Chevrolet logo
1978 Chevrolet logo
2000-2001 Chevrolet logo
2000 Chevrolet logo
2004 Chevrolet logo
2004 Chevrolet logo
Former Chevrolet logo
Source: General Motors Media. Logos © Chevrolet

Chrysler Historical Logos

1924 Chrysler logo
1928-29 Chrysler logo
1941 Chrysler logo
1946-48 Chrysler logo
1954 Chrysler logo
1955-56 Chrysler logo
1970-80 Chrysler logo
1997-98 Chrysler logo
1997-98 Chrysler logo
1997-98 Chrysler logo
1997 Chrysler logo
Chrysler Cerberus logo
Chrysler logo
Chrysler logo
Chrysler logo
Chrysler logo
Chrysler red logo
Chrysler Pentastar logo
Chrysler Wings logo
Chrysler Forward Look
Chrysler Forward Look
Chrysler Wings logo
Chrysler Pentastar logo
Source: Chrysler Archives. Logos © Chrysler

Daimler (DMG)

1902 Daimler logo
1909 Daimler logo
1916 Daimler logo
1921 Daimler logo
Source: Daimler Media. Logo © Daimler


1904 DKW logo
Source: Unternehmensarchiv der AUDI AG (Corporate Archives of AUDI AG)

Dodge Historical Logos

1914-28 Dodge Brothers
1914-28 Dodge Brothers
1964 Dodge logo
Dodge logo
Dodge logo
Source: Chrysler Archives © Dodge

Fiat Historical Logos

1899 Fiat logo
1901 Fiat logo
1904 Fiat logo
1921 Fiat logo
1925 Fiat logo
1929 Fiat logo
1931 Fiat logo
1931 Fiat logo
1932 Fiat logo
1938 Fiat logo
1959 Fiat logo
1965 Fiat logo
1968 Fiat logo
1991 Fiat logo
1999 Fiat logo
Source: Fiat Press © Fiat

Ford Historical Logos

1903-04 Ford logo
1903 Ford logo
1907 Ford logo
1912 Ford logo
1928 Ford logo
1965 Ford logo
Ford signature logo
Source: Ford Media © Ford

GM Historical Logos

1920 GM logo
Source: General Motors © GM

Holden Historical Logos

1928 Holden logo
1936 Holden logo
1948 Holden logo
1972 Holden logo
1994 Holden logo
Source: General Motors © GM

Horch Historical Logos

1899 Horch logo
Source: Unternehmensarchiv der AUDI AG (Corporate Archives of AUDI AG)

Jeep Historical Logos

1948 Jeep logo
1949 Jeep logo
1966 Jeep logo
1966 Jeep logo
1966 Jeep logo
1970 Jeep logo
1970-87 Jeep logo
Source: Chrysler Archives. Logos © Chrysler

Lancia Historical Logos

1907 Lancia logo
1911 Lancia logo
1929 Lancia logo
1957 Lancia logo
1974 Lancia logo
2000 Lancia logo
Source: Abarth Press © Lancia

L&K Historical Logos

First L&K logo
1895 L&K logo
1895 L&K logo
1905 L&K logo
1925 L&K logo
L&K signature logo
Source: Skoda © Skoda

Lincoln Historical Logos

Early Lincoln logo
Early Lincoln logo
Source: Ford © Ford

Mazda Historical Logos

1936 Mazda logo
1936 Mazda logo
1959 Mazda logo
1975 Mazda logo
1992 Mazda logo
1997 Mazda logo
Source: Mazda USA © Mazda

Mercedes-Benz Historical Logos

1926 Mercedes-Benz logo
Source: Daimler © Daimler

NSU Historical Logos

1873 NSU logo
1959 NSU logo
Source: Unternehmensarchiv der AUDI AG (Corporate Archives of AUDI AG)

Oakland Historical Logos

1930 Oakland logo
Source: General Motors © GM

Oldsmobile Historical Logos

1901-06 Oldsmobile logo
1929 Oldsmobile logo
Source: General Motors © GM

Opel Historical Logos

First Opel logo
1862 Opel logo
1902 Opel logo
1909 Opel logo
1910 Opel logo
1937 Opel logo
1937 Opel logo
1970 Opel logo
1987-2002 Opel logo
Source: General Motors © GM

Pontiac Historical Logos

1939 Pontiac logo
Source: General Motors © GM

Renault Historical Logos

1900 Renault logo
1906 Renault logo
1919 Renault logo
1923 Renault logo
1925 Renault logo
1959 Renault logo
1972 Renault logo
1992 Renault logo
Source: Renault © Renault

SEAT Historical Logos

1950 SEAT logo
1960 SEAT logo
1970 SEAT logo
1980 SEAT logo
1992 SEAT logo
1999 SEAT logo
Source: SEAT © SEAT

Skoda Historical Logos

1925-34 Skoda logo
1925-95 Skoda logo
1993-94 Skoda logo
Source: Skoda © Skoda

Wanderer Historical Logos

1885 Wanderer logo
Source: Unternehmensarchiv der AUDI AG (Corporate Archives of AUDI AG)

Willys Overland Historical Logos

1937 Willys Overland logo
1947 Willys Overland logo
1948 Willys Overland logo
1949 Willys Overland logo
1952 Willys Overland logo
Source: Chrysler © Chrysler

List of Car Company Logos

Car company logos can provide interesting insights about the history of the automotive industry, and they are a very important part of consumer brand identification. Next time you pop your hood to check your car's oil or refill the washer fluid, take a glance at the logo as well. This symbol represents where your car's manufacturer has been and where it's going in the future.

Car Company Logos