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Regular waxing is an important step in keeping your car looking great, but all car waxes are not created equal. Knowing the best wax for your application and identifying some of the stand-out products on the market can help you choose the wax that will maintain and protect your vehicle's glossy exterior.

Reviews and Ratings for Car Wax

Car wax is just what it states, a substance that is applied to your car, usually left to dry and rubbed to "wax" your car and give it a classy shine. There are many car waxes on the market today and while most are made from the Carnauba Palm tree with carnauba wax, some can contain synthetic substances as well.

Whether you choose a liquid or paste wax will mostly depend on your personal preference. There are great products in both forms.

Recommended Liquid Waxes

Many professional detailers prefer liquid wax. "They are synthetic," says professional detailer Thomas Martinez, "but they are easily applied and can produce an effect quickly."

In essence, detailers prefer the liquid to get the job done faster and turn a higher profit each day. One potential disadvantage of liquid waxes is that many liquid waxes don't last as long as paste versions.

There are several liquid wax products on the market, many of which have received great ratings from consumers and professionals:

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Turtle Wax Ice Liquid Polish
  • Turtle Wax Ice Liquid Polish - Designed by auto wax giant Turtle Wax, this product received great consumer reviews on Amazon. Users reported that it was easy to use and that a bottle went a long way.
  • NuFinish NF-76 - This liquid wax was highly recommended by Consumer Reports for its performance. This liquid wax offers a wet-shine look and lasts a long time compared to other products.
  • Meguiar's Car Cleaner/Liquid Wax - This affordable option has been around for many years, and reviewers on praised it for it consistent performance and lack of wax build-up.

Recommended Paste Waxes

Paste wax can be made from both natural ingredients, like carnauba wax, and polymers. "It is more time consuming," says Martinez, "and is applied by hand and then hand or machine buffed."

Although this takes more time, the process is just as effective at producing shine and protection as liquid wax. According to, the choice between paste and liquid comes down to how much time you want to spend waxing your car. Some paste versions do last longer than comparable liquid waxes.

Some paste wax products stand out in reviews by professionals and consumers alike:

Meguiar's Tech Wax
Meguiar's Tech Wax
  • Meguiar's Tech Wax - According to reviews on, this wax was extremely popular for the deep, lasting shine it gave to cars. Reviewers noted that applying the wax took some time but that the results were worth it.
  • Optimum Car Wax - Produced by Eco Car Wax, this environmentally friendly car wax is void of VOC harmful chemicals and still gets the job done. It takes only fifteen minutes to apply and lasts for five months. It also offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Chemical Guys XXX Hardcore Paste Wax - According to reviews at AutoGeekOnline, this wax is very easy to apply for a paste wax and produces a beautiful shine. It also has a great scent.

A Note on Colored Waxes

The hype over the new colored waxes may be just that, hype. With the auto industry producing more color options each year, the ability for colored waxes to blend and cover scratches is low, and Mr. Martinez does not recommend colored waxes. Meguiar's Online also takes the stand that color waxes are a "gimmick product" and are the wrong approach to fixing the problem.

The Best Wax for Your Car

The best car wax for you is mostly a matter of what you prefer to use. While liquid waxes are fast and easy to apply, paste waxes allow you to pay special attention to problem areas as you apply the wax by hand. Either way, you'll find that your car looks new and shiny and your paint job is protected from the elements.

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