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Article Highlight: Honda Pilot Maintenance Schedule

Honda Pilots are great vehicles that provide unwavering reliability if you maintain them properly. While your owner's manual will describe your Pilot's maintenance schedule in detail, this overview will help… Keep reading »

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Auto Repair
Maintaining Your Wheels, Brakes and More

The last thing you ever considered when you purchased that shiny new car is that you'd have to even think about how to diagnose car problems. Time goes on, your car gets older and before you know it, one morning your car doesn't start.

About Auto Repairs

At LoveToKnow Cars you won't find complicated or confusing repair instructions. The Auto Repair category is for regular drivers like you that would like to be educated about car maintenance and repair services before setting foot into a repair shop. An educated car owner is also one who won't get taken advantage of. Here at LoveToKnow Cars, you'll learn about some of the common and uncommon problems people experience with cars in general as well as specific problems with certain brands.

Car Maintenance and Do It Yourself Repair

Do you shy away from even considering checking out your car engine problems yourself? Have you ever considered the benefits of changing your own oil? If you'd like to enjoy the feeling of accomplishing some of your own auto repairs, then this category is the place for you. Here, you'll not only learn how to troubleshoot things like your car engine not starting or car electrical problems, but you'll also find resources for free repair manuals and instructional steps on how to do certain types of maintenance to your car that can extend its life significantly. LoveToKnow Cars is here to empower you so that you don't need to depend on anyone to maintain your car - you can do it yourself!

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