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Article Highlight: Toyota 1-Ton Trucks

Throughout the years, Toyota has become famous for its line of small trucks, but for a period of ten years, there was also a Toyota 1-ton truck. Although it wasn't on the market for long, the 1-ton and T100 were… Keep reading »

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Automotive Industry
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With its many ups and downs and erratic twists and turns, the automotive industry has a lot in common with a roller coaster. Learn more about this exciting economic sector!

Preserving the Past

When the first automobile was invented, most people saw "horseless carriages" as a novelty item, rather than a source of basic transportation. However, that view changed dramatically as cars became more affordable. Over the course of the twentieth century, the automotive industry became one of the major forces involved in the success of the United States economy. Wondering how the car companies weathered the Great Depression? Curious about the impact of the freeway system on the automotive industry? You can learn it all at LoveToKnow Cars!

Making Sense of the Present

With American car companies under unprecedented financial strain and United States consumers hesitant to take on expensive car loans, the auto industry has seen some hard times in the past and likely will again in the future. Learn more about current events in the auto industry, how automakers are handling issues like fuel efficiency and globalization, and how these factors could influence your car-buying habits.

Predicting the Future

Automotive industry analysts have all kinds of predictions about the future of the auto industry. Some feel that green cars will be commonplace in just a few years. Others predict that there's more trouble in store for American auto companies. Find out where you can research trends in the automotive industry.

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