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The Family Minivan

Family Minivans Offer Freedom

While the first minivan was actually invented in the 1950's by GM, Chrysler's newer sleek models in the 1980's reinvented the vehicle as an American symbol of family values. The minivan represented a successful American family on the move, involved in lots of activities throughout the community.

The Minivan - An American Symbol of Family Freedom

There are fewer cultural symbols that are quite as clear cut as the minivan. While many single men and women see the minivan as representing being "tied down" by the duties of family - families with several children actually view the minivan as a form of freedom. Before the 1980s, families were stuck taking their road trips cramped into the proverbial station wagon. Once the new, affordable minivan entered the market, families had another option. Minivans offered families the space, convenience and the critical storage space necessary to make family vacations a pleasurable experience. Through the 1990s, the minivan quickly became the symbol of a family "on the go," with the busy and successful mother driving kids to music lessons and soccer practice. This common use for the minivan created a household nickname for these mothers - the American "soccer mom."

Minivans Remain Relevant

Despite the fact that so many people, in their youth, refuse to ever own one. Once the third or fourth child comes along, every family recognizes the value and the necessity of these convenient vehicles. Even as the massive SUV came along and threatened to replace the minivan as the new family vehicle, the economic conditions and concerns about fuel prices continue to provide the minivan with a competitive advantage. The advantages of driving a minivan include:

  • Affordability
  • Simple, cost-effective maintenance from established manufacturers
  • Tremendous space, both for passengers and for storage
  • Luxurious features like DVD players, individual music stations, and multiple climate zones
  • Convenient features like dual sliding doors, and convertible seating and storage areas

The modern day minivan is like the Swiss army knife of family vehicles, easily serving a family during rugged camping trips, while also doubling as a smooth and comfortable ride during long-distance trips to the city. Today, the family minivan remains as important to families as ever.

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