Cheap Old Cars for Sale

Old car for sale

Whether you're looking for a classic car in need of restoration or an affordable model that's already in good condition, the Internet can be a valuable shopping resource. Several websites specialize in cheap classic cars, and they may just have your dream car at a price that fits within your budget.

Online Shopping

It's not always easy to find the classic car you want for a reasonable price, especially if the selection is limited in your area. Shopping online provides a much greater range of options, allowing you to find the exact year, make, and model you want. You'll also have more choices when it comes to condition and price. Consider some of the following websites as you shop:

Dave's Classic Cars

With an extensive inventory of unrestored project cars from the 1950s through the 1990s, Dave's Classic Cars offers plenty of options. They also provide financing through a layaway style system: the buyer puts money down to reserve the vehicle and receives the car after it is paid off. Prices range from about $1000 to $15,000, depending on the desirability of the model the car's condition. is a classified service for classic cars. Owners list their old cars on the site, and potential buyers can view photos and descriptions. While some fully restored models go for well over $100,000, there are plenty of cheap options too. Unrestored cars start around $500, and there are hundreds of classic cars under $5,000. You'll find cars from the beginning of the automotive industry until well into the 1980s and 1990s.

Old Car Online

Also designed to connect classic car buyers and sellers, Old Car Online has a database of thousands of vintage automobiles. The selection changes daily, and you can search by model, make, year, location, and price. There are dozens of cars available for under $1000, most requiring significant restoration. You'll find hundreds of cars under $5,000 as well.

eBay Motors

Depending on the interest of other buyers, you can often get a great deal at an online vehicle auction site like eBay Motors. There's an everchanging selection of cheap old cars, including restored classics and project vehicles. You can filter your results by the year, make, and model you have in mind or browse the selection of collector cars. For peace of mind, eBay also offers mediation if something goes wrong with the sale.

Buying Cars Safely Online

Before you buy an old car online, it's important to check out the car dealer or organization with the Better Business Bureau. That way, you can see if there have been any complaints from previous buyers. If you're buying through eBay or another auction site, you can check out the feedback for a seller.

It's also important to inspect the vehicle before you finalize the purchase, since condition is such an important factor in determining the value of an old car. Be sure the car meets with your expectations and has a clear title before you get out your checkbook.

Local Options for Buying Cheap Old Cars

If you're not comfortable shopping for cars on the Internet or if you'd rather not hassle with traveling to get a vehicle, you also have some local shopping options:

  • Peruse the classified ads in the newspaper for classic cars at reasonable prices. You may be able to negotiate to lower the price.
  • If you're looking for a certain model, you can put out a want ad for that car. Specify what you're willing to pay, and you might be surprised about the response you receive.
  • Look through the ads on sites like Craigslist, where you can often find good deals on old vehicles.
  • Keep an eye on the newspaper to find local car auctions, a good source for cheap cars.

A Great Deal on a Classic

If you're willing to do a little restoration work, you can find a cheap old car for well under $5,000. Always make sure you feel comfortable with the sales process, and walk away if the deal simply seems too good to be true. If you do your homework and use the resources available on the Internet, you could score a great deal on an amazing old car.

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Cheap Old Cars for Sale