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Often, when teenage girls get their first vehicle, they would really like one of the cool girl cars on the market that not only look good and turn heads, but are also comfortable and fun to drive. The following list includes the three cars that were most popular among female drivers in 2009, as well as some of the special features of those cars that would especially appeal to women.

What Makes Cool Girl Cars Appeal to Women?

The following cars are just a small subset of the kind of vehicles women love to drive. In most cases, the cars that young girls in particular seem to choose usually have a slightly smaller profile than most family sedans, interior comforts and conveniences like leather seats and nice sounds systems, and of course, engines that provide a bit more power than the standard compact car. The choice of female consumers certainly reflects the sense that while young female drivers prefer smaller vehicles for the convenience and flexibility they offer, these girls are not willing to give up the freedom and power that a larger engine offers.

Volkswagon Beetle

Ever since the first new Volkswagon Beetle hit the market, complete with a big yellow flower on the dash for every new buyer, the car quickly became one of the most popular cars among women. These new models have many more sleek curves and a high-tech interior compared to the vintage Beetles of the 1970s, yet this VW offering appeals to those women and girls who grew up adoring the "cute" little colored Beetles that they would see on the roads every now and then.

The VW Beetle means something different to each generation of women. For the mothers who lived through the 60s, the Beetle is a reminder of a time of social revolution, freedom, and love. For their daughters, the new drivers of this generation, the cars represent individuality and a unique style that represents their own special personality. The Beetle is a way to be seen in something that is particularly beautiful in its own right, but it also stands apart from the crowd with its own individual frame design and a front profile with round headlights that scream, "Look at me! I'm adorable!"

Volkswagon Jetta

While plenty of women love driving trucks and other large vehicles, market trends indicate that girls are particularly fond of small and fast vehicles. The Volkswagon Jetta is the make that is sized between the Passat and the Golf, and it has a powerful engine and superior steering and suspension. This lightweight car can really fly.The Jetta appeals to the desire for freedom of movement and flexibility to maneuver quickly on the road. Busy women and young girls prefer to get places quickly, and the Jetta does so while providing a responsive and comfortable ride. This high-powered vehicle packaged up in a relatively small body style is a direct reflection of the sort of power young girls feel as they advance in school and enter college. The Jetta is a perfect extension of that freedom and flexibility that a life away from home offers.

Mazda MX-5

Although the style of this car has changed somewhat over the years, the Mazda MX-5 has always been very popular among young female drivers. This is very much a sportscar. With a unique low-maintenance circular engine and a low, stylish profile, this car turns heads.Driving the MX-5 is also a dream. While pricier than most other starter models, if parents have a little bit of extra cash and really want to treat their daughter, this car will make her dreams come true. The interior is reminiscent of the high tech cockpit of high-end sportscars, yet there is a soft touch with front and side airbags, traction control, and even half-doors for friends to enter the surprisingly comfortable rear seats.

If you are browsing cool girl cars with your daughter, remember that a young female driver's first car is an important reflection of her personality and sense of style. While it's important to be somewhat reasonable and conservative with the price of the first car, most of the cars that are very popular among young female drivers are also quite affordable for most families.

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