Eeyore Car Accessories

Disney Keychain Keyring - Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Eeyore may have a gloomy personality, but for fans of the glum Disney character, he is the perfect choice for accessorizing a car. Show off your love of Eeyore and his friends by adding fun options to your vehicle.

Types of Eeyore Themed Car Accessories

Pick out a few of the following items for your car, or buy them all and truly immerse yourself in all things Eeyore.

Car Seat Covers

Protect your seats and show off your favorite donkey by picking out a seat cover featuring the loveable character. At, find car seat covers that feature Eeyore front and center. Eeyore is shown sitting on his hind legs, near the top of the cover.

Window Decals

Eeyore Window Decal at Amazon
Eeyore Window Decal

Window decals are easy to apply and easy to remove. They are a great way to showcase your love of Eeyore. Find great options at the following stores:

  • Thirteen different decals are available here, from ones featuring Eeyore waving to passersby, to basic graphics of his looks.
  • Car Stickers Decals: Ten window decals are offered at this retailer. Look for one with Eeyore telling mean people what he thinks of them, to ones that offer "advice" to other drivers on the road.

License Plate Accessories

Dress up your license plate area using Eeyore as your muse. Three options to consider are:


A keychain is a portable car accessory that lets you take Eeyore wherever you go - even when you're not driving your car. A few keychain options for Eeyore include:

More Eeyore Items for Your Car

You aren't limited to just a few items for your car. Add more Disney magic with these additional Eeyore car accessories:

Drive With Disney Friends

Once your Eeyore car accessories arrive, add them to your car immediately. That way, you can start driving with your favorite Disney friend, a perfect passenger on any trip!

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