Falken Tire Reviews

Falken Tire Reviews
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The Falken Tire Company manufactures tires for all sorts of vehicles, but how do they fare? Here you'll find Falken tire reviews and information on the Falken Tire Company.

About Falken Tire Company

The Falken Tire Company is a subsidiary of Japan's Sumitomo Rubber Industries and has been headquartered in Fontana, California since 1983. They also have three distribution centers in Tennessee, New Jersey, and Texas.

Falken has focused on the ultra high performance tire, or UHP, but also offers many other types of tires including high performance, standard performance, performance winter and competition DOT tires.

Falken Tire Brands

Ultra High Performance Falken Tire

  • FK Series 452 - These UHP tires from Falken are available in different diameters, from sixteen inch to twenty-four inch with staggered widths in between. This tire has five linear ribs and offers three-dimensional round tread blocks for optimal response on the road, especially on wet roads. The FK452 also has the latest absorption technology through its phase-shifted random pitch variation. Finally, reinforced steel bead fillers and the dual tread compound make for easy handling and drivability. The FK series is Falken's most popular tire.
  • Azenis ST-115 - This is another ultra high performance tire that helps to reduce road noise and incorporates circumferential grooves and has a directional head design. Good for all weather, this tire is enhanced by its low interior and exterior void ratios.

Standard Performance Tires

  • ZIEX ZE512 - One of the three standard performance tires, the ZIEX ZE512 has a directional tread design that is exceptional in wet weather handling. A low-noise tire, it is popular with sport compact and import enthusiasts. It also has a rim protection ridge to protect custom wheels.
  • ZIEX ZE329 - Another standard performance tire, the ZE329, helps to enhance cornering, braking, and acceleration. This all-weather traction tire offers a smooth ride for an excellent value. These tires come with rim wheel protectors and a non-directional tread pattern for easy rotation.
  • ZIEX ZE502 - The final standard performance tire, the ZE502, has a single inboard circumferential groove that helps avoid hydroplaning and has sturdy drivability in wet weather. It also comes with a multi-radius contour that helps widen the surface area for low-profile styling.

Performance Winter Falken Tire

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  • Eurowinter HS439 - Falken also offers a winter performance tire with the Eurowinter HS439. You'll get improved winter weather drivability and traction. The silica compound increases tread flexibility and aids in longer tread life. The multi-angled sides help to achieve better control on snow and ice and four high volume grooves help sway water, slush and packed snow. This winter performance tire is great for all winter driving conditions.

Competition DOT Tire

  • AZENIS RT-615 - If you're a sports car fan, this Falken tire may be what you need. This competition DOT tire has a motorsports-grade cap compound that helps maintain tire temperature and an 8/32nd molded tread design that provides efficient mileage. The RT-615 performs well in wet weather conditions and features tread adhesion and three high void/low turbulence grooves to reduce hydroplaning. This tire is great for streetcars and for autocross, time attack, and drift competition.

Falken Tire Reviews

The Audio Review offers expert opinions on many tires including Falken tire reviews. While the experts love the gripping on any type of road, as well as their quiet sound and sporty look, they did feel overall that Falken tires are a little pricey, especially when compared with well-known brand name tires competing as a discount tire. Unless you can find them on sale, almost all Falken tires are priced at over $100 per tire.

Consumers who rated Falken tires were generally pleased. However, Car Zi offers a customer review that reported that while Falken produces new tires each year, replacement tires are not usually produced, so you might have to replace two to four instead of one.

Still, the experts see promise in Falken tires as Asian tire manufacturers continue to emerge from Japan. Falken offers a limited warranty on both tread and mileage depending upon the type of tire you purchase. Technical and warranty information can be found on their "Technical and Warranty" tab on their website.

Falken tires are available in both the US and Canada at most Big-O Tire and Discount Tire stores. If your local dealership is your repair shop, they can still buy and install your Falken tires. To locate a Falken tire dealer near you, search for retailers near your zip code.

The Falken Tire Company continues to compete with top tire brands, however, find out about replacement tires before you buy.

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Falken Tire Reviews