Ford Concept Cars

Mazda Nagare Concept Car

In this slideshow, you'll discover a mix of Ford concept cars that were introduced from 2002 and beyond. These Ford concept cars mark the vision and the path that the Ford motor company plans to take in each of its vehicle classes.

The Mazdar Nagare was introduced at the 2006 LA Auto Show. The theme of the design is "motion," and it was developed by Laurens van den Acker and his design team. The design is very aerodynamic with a wide wheelbase for top stability. Doors hinge up, and the driver sits in the center of the vehicle. The back of the vehicle is actually a curved seat, like a lounge, with seating for three people.

Mazda RX8 Hydrogen RE

Another amazing Mazda design is the RX-8 with an impressive hydrogen powered rotary engine, first developed and produced in 2006. The engine can operate on either hydrogen or gasoline, with the ability to switch from one to the other at will. The style of the RX8, combined with the power and efficiency of the hydrogen engine makes this vehicle one to watch in coming years.

The Volvo YCC for Women

The Volvo YCC, which stands for "Your Concept Car," was the first concept car in the world where the design was developed almost exclusively by women. The design focuses on the needs and demands of female drivers. A few interesting features included a very low maintenance engine (oil change required only once every 32,000 miles), and with all fluid containers, like windshield fluid or gas, accessed with a capless ball valve - no difficult twisting required. Other features included run-flat tires and motorized doors with keyless entry.

Ford Thunderbird Concept

The Ford Thunderbird received an overhaul in form of the Thunderbird Sports Roadster concept. The design was inspired by the 1962 Thunderbird, but the technology is, of course, far more advanced. However, the overall goal of the design was to recapture the passion and rekindle the memories of the many enthusiasts that, even today, collect or rebuild the stylish 1950s luxury sedans.

The Ford SYNC

The Ford SYN represents one thing and one thing only - perfect security. If you want to feel safe in a vehicle, then this concept car is it. It features the design of an armored truck, driver-side combination lock, and even a vault-like handle for the rear door. In secure mode, the vehicle even closes shutters over all windows, and the remaining windows are bullet-resistant. The interior is comfortable, with a 45-inch LCD widescreen on the back wall and a central conversation area. The fortress runs on a 2-liter, four cylinder bio-mass diesel engine.

The Ford Shelby GR-1

The Ford Shelby GR-1 sportscar is a very elegant vehicle. The surface of the car is "sculpted" and beautiful, with two cockpit seats and no rear seating. The vehicle is part of the collaboration between Ford and the Shelby design group. The impressive performance sportscar features an earth-shattering 605-horsepower, 6.4-liter V10 engine. If you want "fast" and "beautiful," think Shelby.

The Ford Prodigy HEV

The Ford Prodigy HEV concept is a lightweight, hybrid electric family vehicle. The design is very aerodynamic, and the engine can run off both diesel or electric power. The electric power serves to "assist" the engine when needed during acceleration and converts energy from slowing down back into electrical power. The engine even stops at idle to save fuel and then restarts so quickly upon acceleration that the driver won't even notice.

Mighty F-350 Tonka

In 2002, Ford introduced the impressive Ford Mighty F-350 Tonka pickup. In every way, this vehicle was almost a cartoonish representation of the many Tonka trucks that children love to play with. Allowing adults to play like kids again, the F-350 Tonka is nothing short of rugged. It has an oversize grille, rear-hinged doors, 22-inch wheels with custom Goodyear tires, and chrome throughout.

The Ford MA

The Ford MA, introduced in 2002, was not so much a design of the future as it was a nod to car enthusiasts and kit builders. It was drawn by Jose Paris and presented more of a work of art than as a practical design. One of the most unique designs in the world, it is a two seat roadster with an electric motor, no hydraulic fluid, and no welded and few painted components - and it is 96 percent recyclable.

The Ford GloCar

The Ford GloCar is one of the most unique and innovative concept cars you'll ever see. Have you ever wanted a car in a certain color, only to learn that it's not in stock? Well the Ford GloCar can be any color you like. Through the use of LED lights, you can change the color of the GloCar's plastic body panels to anything you like. And, of course, at night the car simply glows. The entire rear panel is the brake light, and the side panels are the blinkers.

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Ford Concept Cars