Ford Motor Company Recalls

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Every auto manufacturer issues recalls for various components on their vehicles. You can easily research Ford Motor Company recalls through the Internet or by visiting an authorized Ford repair facility.

What Is a Recall?

There are two types of recalls, voluntary and recalls issued in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, or NHTSA. A voluntary recall is where Ford Motor Company engineers determine a component is not performing correctly or may fail in the future. Although the auto manufacturer is required to notify and place the details of a voluntary recall on file with the NHTSA, the NHTSA does not usually notify consumers. With voluntary recalls, Ford Motor Company contacts customers through mass mailings informing them of the recall and directs them to a repair facility. There is never a charge to the customer for an authorized repair center to fix recall problems.

If a problem in a Ford vehicle is deemed dangerous or harmful to the driver, passenger or other drivers on the road, the NHTSA is more proactive in working with Ford to help spread the word in a more public fashion through news, print, and radio reports. Along with these NHTSA announcements, Ford also sends mailings to vehicle owners regarding the recall and where to have the vehicle repaired.

Ford Motor Company Recall Notifications

It is important for Ford vehicle owners to notify Ford if they have a change in address. When the Ford vehicle was initially purchased and new, the owner's information is entered into Ford's computer system. If you are the first owner and you move, you may not receive recall information if you don't remember to change your address.

You can change your address by visiting Ford Motor Company, create a user name and password and enter your new address along with the vehicle identification number or VIN.

Ford vehicle owners can also visit any Ford authorized repair facility and submit a change of address form. There is no charge to file an address change with Ford. Keep in mind that if you purchased a Ford used vehicle from a non-Ford dealership, you must go to an authorized Ford repair center to have owner and address information changed, or you can visit Ford Motor Company's website.

Where to Information On Ford Motor Company Recalls

There are a few ways to research recall information for your Ford vehicle.

  • My Car Stats - This website offers 2,351 recalls for Ford vehicles from years 1991 through 2010. You can browse Ford recalls by model year and then model type. For instance, a 2008 Ford Focus revealed two recalls, one for airbags and one for exterior headlights. My Car Stats does not tell consumers if their particular vehicle is in need of the recall. You must visit an authorized repair center or contact Ford Motor Company as the VIN number determines recall information for that vehicle.
  • Ford Owner website - Here you only need to choose your vehicle brand and put in your seventeen-digit vehicle identification number. The Ford database can tell by your VIN if you have an open recall that needs to be repaired.
  • Ford Service Centers - Visit any authorized Ford service center and ask for a vehicle history report on your vehicle. The repair center will require your VIN number and mileage to find out if there are any recalls for your Ford vehicle. If there are open recalls, the Ford service center can repair the vehicle at no cost.

Tips on Recalls

  1. Every auto manufacturer issues recalls from time to time, not just Ford Motor Company.
  2. Auto manufacturers can't notify you if they do not have your correct mailing address on file, so take the time to make sure the address they do have on file for you is current.
  3. If you do receive a recall notice, make sure you call an authorized repair facility and set an appointment to have the vehicle repaired. Most recalls are not dangerous to the vehicle or driver. The authorized service center can determine if you need recall repairs immediately.
  4. Don't pay an online service to search for open recalls on your vehicle. Visit Ford, My Car Stats, or an authorized repair facility. All of these avenues are free to the consumer.
  5. Never take your Ford vehicle to a non-authorized repair facility to see if they can perform the recall repair. Not only may they not have the correct recall information and parts, they will want to be paid to repair your vehicle.

Ford Motor Company recalls are inevitable, as with all auto manufacturers. If you find you do have an open recall, don't panic and call or visit your authorized Ford repair facility.

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Ford Motor Company Recalls