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Hawaiian Car Accessories

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If you like the tropical look and want your car to reflect it, you can find lots of sources for Hawaiian car accessories online. Following are some Hawaiian-themed products you can use to surround yourself with the feel of the tropics whenever you get behind the wheel of your car.

Internal Car Accessories

Seat Covers

You can quickly transform your car's interior into a slice of the tropics with Hawaiian seat covers. They come in sizes and styles to fit every vehicle in Hawaiian prints depicting palm trees and tropical flowers.

Floor Mats

You can find Hawaiian floor mats to coordinate with your tropical seat covers to continue your car's Hawaiian theme from top to bottom. Like the seat covers, floor mats can be found in sizes to match most vehicles.

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheel covers with a Hawaiian print add a tropical flavor to your car's interior. Some steering wheel covers come as a set with coordinating shoulder belt pads.

Hula Girls

No vehicle's Hawaiian décor would be complete without a hula girl dancing on the dashboard. These dolls come complete with an adhesive on the bottom for easy mounting on your dashboard.

External Car Accessories


A sticker or decal is an inexpensive accessory that reflects your interest in the tropics. A decal portraying a Hawaiian theme like a hula dancer, Hawaiian turtle, palm tree, or a tropical flower can add a decorative touch to your vehicle.

License Plate Frames

A license plate frame is another inexpensive item that can give your vehicle some tropical flair. Hawaiian license plate frames come in a range of styles, including tropical flowers, palm trees, leis, and the Hawaiian flag.

Hitch Covers

Hitch covers with a Hawaiian theme are available from several online vendors. These hitch covers are shaped like objects commonly seen in the Hawaiian Islands, such as turtles, tropical flowers, and flip flops. A hitch cover is not merely a decoration, because it helps prevent dirt from collecting in the receiver.

Where to Find Hawaiian Car Accessories

If you don't find what you like in the recommendations above, browse the following retailers that sell a large variety of Hawaiian accessories:

  • Aloha Gifts From Hawaii can make your interior totally tropical with seat covers, hula bobble dashboard dolls, stickers, and Hawaiian music CDs to make you feel like you're visiting the island.

  • Cafe Press offers bumper stickers, decals, and license plate frames with a Hawaiian theme.

  • Car Stickers has a variety of Hawaiian-themed car stickers and decals in small, medium, and large sizes.

  • Hawaiian Kine Stuff offers hibiscus, turtle, tiki, and hula girl decals that you can mix and match with the available custom seat covers and license plate frames.

  • Logo Ride offers Aloha Hawaiian flower auto accessory items including floor mats, seat and steering wheel covers, hitch covers, seat belt pads, stickers, and license plate frames.

  • Seat Covers Unlimited has customized seat covers and floor mats in several tropical-themed styles.
  • Shear Comfort offers a wide variety of Hawaiian seat cover designs made in the USA.

Finding Accessories Locally

If you don't like to order online, you can sometimes find Hawaiian and tropical car accessories at automotive supply stores like AutoZone and department stores with automotive sections like Kmart. To save time and gas, call the stores first to find out if they carry any Hawaiian car accessories.

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Hawaiian Car Accessories