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Honda CR-V Problems

Honda CRV;© Alex Zarubin |

Although Honda is known for making reliable vehicles, some car buyers are reporting a few problems with the popular compact sport utility vehicle, the Honda CR-V. Are these issues typical for a small SUV? Should you think twice if you're considering buying a new CR-V? You can use professional and consumer reviews as a helpful tool when you consider buying a new car.

Reviews of the Honda CR-V

Honda has been making the CR-V since 1996 and selling it in the United States since 1997. Industry reviews of the Honda CR-V are mainly positive. Reviewers praise the vehicle's roomy interior, comfortable ride, and nimble handling. It also received great marks on safety and crash testing. However, no car is perfect, and reviewers mention certain problems with the CR-V.

US News Car Reviews

US News reviewers commented that the CR-V had sluggish engine performance and difficulty passing other vehicles. They also complained about the navigation system, calling it distracting.

According to, the CR-V has one major shortcoming: power. The CR-V reportedly has difficulty accelerating quickly and merging with traffic and sometimes finds heavy loads or steep inclines a bit challenging.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver reported that the CR-V also lacked cargo room and had unimpressive performance. However, the reviewers felt that its impressive fuel economy made up for these limitations.

The Car Connection

The Car Connection says that the CR-V is likely to meet most buyers' expectations, with the exception of its performance. According to this review, the vehicle has lackluster acceleration.

Common Honda CR-V Problems

Consumers have largely been happy with the CR-V, but some owners reported problems, according to

Climate Control Problems in the 2002 CR-V

The 2002 model received the most complaints, with heating and air conditioning malfunctions topping the list of issues. Transmission problems were also reported for the 2002 model year of the CR-V.

Tire Wear and Transmission in the 2007 CR-V

Additionally, some owners reported issues with the 2007 model CR-V. Early tire wear has been frustrating owners of this model year. Some users also report growling or clanking from the transmission.

Tire Wear and Engine Grinding in the 2008 CR-V

The 2008 model also had problems with tire wear. A few owners also expressed frustration about a grinding sound coming from the engine.

How Does the CR-V Compare?

In terms of reliability, the Honda CR-V stands out in its class of small SUVs. In surveys involving customer satisfaction, like those conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, the CR-V consistently receives outstanding marks.

For several years, the CR-V ranked at the top of the list for J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study for small SUVs. This study compiles information reported by car buyers during their first 90 days of ownership. In addition, the CR-V has great long-term rankings in the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study, where it remains in the top three small SUVs.

What to Do If You Experience Problems

Even though the CR-V has an impressive reputation for reliability, you may run into problems. If you need help finding an authorized Honda service provider or want to know if your vehicle is still under warranty, contact Honda Customer Relations.

You can also find helpful information on the Honda Owner Resources Website. Here, you'll get answers to frequently asked questions and find resources for learning more about your CR-V.

Before Your Buy

If you are thinking about buying a new CR-V, make sure you check out reviews and user reports. This vehicle received great ratings for reliability, but like any car, there have been some problems reported. Stay ahead of the game and know what to watch for by getting informed about potential issues. Knowing about common Honda CR-V problems will help you make an informed buying decision.

Honda CR-V Problems