Honda Odyssey Problems


As with all minivan manufacturers, the Honda Car Company makes every attempt to avoid problems. Before buying, take a look at common Honda Odyssey repair issues, recalls, and technical service bulletins.

Common Honda Odyssey Problems

Since the introduction of this minivan in 1995, owners have complained about a few common issues:

  • Some owners complain of shifting and braking problems.
  • Also high on the list of consumer complaints are automatic door problems, including a sticky sliding door.
  • Some owners report power steering fluid leaking.
  • There are some complaints of transmission failure in the five-speed automatic model.
  • Another common issue is misaligned belts.
  • Owners sometimes report engine and break noise, as well as other assorted engine problems.
  • 2002 and 2005 are the model years with the most problems.

Technical Service Bulletins

The Honda Car Company has specific parts manufacturers they utilize when making the Honda Odyssey. Inside these part factories, part technicians monitor the amount of any particular part that repeatedly needs to be replaced at their Honda dealerships. If a problem is found, the manufacturer issues a technical service bullitin (TSB). TSBs are not mailed to the owners of the Honda Odyssey; however, if you take your minivan to a Honda repair center, they can tell you if your vehicle has an open TSB. There is no charge to the consumer to repair components listed on a TSB.


Recalls work a little differently than TSBs. When an auto manufacturer like Honda finds a defect, they are required to report the defect to the government and mail recall information to their customers. Most auto manufacturers will print and mass mail orange, yellow, or green post cards to owners of the Honda Odyssey to notify them their vehicle has a recall. Once you receive this recall, you can make an appointment with any Honda dealer and have it repaired for free. Most recalls are minor and will not place the driver or passengers of the minivan in danger.

Honda Odyssey Repair Tips

To ensure your Honda Odyssey stays in tip top shape, follow these repair tips:

  • It is impossible to list every recall and TSB for the Honda Odyssey. The only way to determine if your minivan has a recall or TSB is to obtain your 17-digit vehicle identification number or VIN and call your Honda dealer to inquire.
  • If you aren't using a Honda factory trained mechanic to repair your Odyssey, don't blame the manufacturer. Honda technicians are trained to repair Honda vehicles.
  • Remember that no matter how old your Honda Odyssey is, even if the original manufacturer warranty has run out, Honda dealerships are required to complete all recalls and TSBs at no charge to you. If a Honda dealer is telling you that you owe money for these types of repairs, call the Honda Car Company or visit their Customer Care Center.
  • If the local Honda dealer has made at least three to five attempts to repair your vehicle to no avail, contact Honda and ask for arbitration or replacement of your vehicle. Once you make this call, your case will be handled by a factory district manager who will work with you and the dealer to resolve any mechanical or vehicle replacement issues.

Your Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey continues to be a favorite among minivan owners everywhere. As with all vehicles, Honda Odyssey problems are not uncommon and can be resolved if you understand how auto manufacturers deal with needed repairs. .

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