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Do you own a minivan and transport your kids on treks, outings or to sports activities? If so, you are probably part of a brewing national trend: Minivan Moms! If you drive your kids, neighborhood friends, and family just about everywhere in your minivan and don't know about minivan mom clubs, you'll find everything you need to know right here.

Join a Minivan Moms Club

You can find all sorts of minivan clubs from local and state chapters to online websites. There are even minivan clubs devoted to specific types of minivans such as Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and Ford. Here are just few places for you to search and find super clubs dedicated to the minivan driver:

  • MomsMinivan - This is an informational site that supplies Moms everywhere with all the information they need to know, from how to keep kids entertained to travel freebies. At MomsMinivan, they not only offer great travel tips like their 101 minivan games, they also feature a blog and tons of articles on traveling with toddlers, dealing with car sickness, and stress-free travel with your family.
  • Ody Club - Own a Honda Odyssey? This club is "The best resource on the Net for the Honda Odyssey Owner." Here you'll find forums, links, neat technical resources, and a photo gallery of minivan enthusiasts.
  • The Chrysler Minivan Fan Club - If you own a Dodge or Chrysler minivan, this is the website for you. Founded in 1988 by a Plymouth minivan owner, you'll find chat rooms, a photo gallery and a forum, all dedicated to the fan of these minivans whereas they proudly say, "Drive equals Love!"
  • The Sienna Club - The Toyota Sienna Club is another great site for minivan enthusiasts fond of their Toyota Siennas. Here you'll find where to get great Toyota Sienna accessories and parts as well as recommended repair and sales facilities and some great Sienna links.

Minivan Club Tips for Moms

No matter what type of minivan you own, you're sure to find a club on the Internet to suit your needs. Looking for something local? Why not start your own minivan club? Do this by connecting with Moms who drive minivans at your kid's school, dance, sport and gym clubs, or park. Not only will you be able to share stories and tips, if you drive any type of minivan, you bought it for a purpose and love to show your minivan pride. To encourage moms who drive minivans everywhere, here are some great minivan club tips:

  1. Browse the Internet - Search the Internet for websites dedicated to moms who drive minivans. Most of these minivan clubs are national and are free to join.
  2. Start your own club - Post a sign or bulletin at your child's school or newsletter. Host an afternoon tea at your home for minivan mom enthusiasts.
  3. Visit a dealership - Many dealerships have information on minivan clubs. Begin by calling or searching their websites first and then visit and ask to speak to the minivan expert.
  4. Boast and accessorize - Garnish your minivan with minivan-pride bumper stickers and cute accessories. Think of ways to make your minivan uniquely you!
  5. Hold a contest - Invite other minivan parents to join in a contest to see who can come up with the best minivan decorations that are seasonal.
  6. Utilize your church - Find others in your church or house of worship that are minivan owners. Invite them to join your minivan club.
  7. Get the kids involved - Don't forget your kids when it comes to being a minivan mom. Challenge your kids to come up with ideas on how to form, join, create, or have fun while minivan traveling.

These days, it doesn't matter what type of minivan you own; you can be sure to find a club or start a club where like-minded people like you are crazy about their minivans. Be proud that you are part of a friendly and energetic family of minivan Moms!

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