Pink Car Interior Accessories

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If you love pink and you love cars, you can really express your personality with pink interior accessories. You'll find everything from floor mats to lighting solutions, all of which are a beautiful rosy pink. No matter what your style or budget, you'll be sure to find something to meet your needs.

Shopping for Pink Car Interior Accessories

There are many types of girly car accessories. Understanding the options and knowing where to shop can help you get the perfect look.

Floor Mats

Perhaps one of the easiest and most affordable pink car accessories are floor mats. You'll find everything from pink zebra stripes to hearts and flowers. Even if you've never picked up a wrench, you can install a floor mat. Consider some of these options:

  • Zebra Pink Floor Mat Set from CarDecor
    Zebra Pink Floor Mat Set from CarDecor
    Zebra Pink Floor Mat Set - This cute set from CarDecor includes four mats: two for the front and two for the back. These pink and black zebra mats are universal, which means they fit almost all vehicles. They have a non-skid backing for safety. These mats retail for $20 for the set.
  • Hot Pink and Black Floor Mats - These mats from come in a set of four and are universal. They feature a beautiful hot pink center section with black on each side. You can also personalize the mats with a number of pink prints and shades. They retail for about $60 for the set.
  • Solid Pink Floor Mats - If you're looking for machine-washable mats, these mats that are also from are a great choice. They come with foam padding and a rubber backing to reduce slippage. Available in light pink, they cost around $50 for a set of four.

Seat Covers

If you need to cover up stained or ripped upholstery, seat covers can be a perfect solution. Available in plain or patterned pink fabrics, seat covers come in a wide range of prices, materials, and styles. They are also very easy to install. You'll love these options:

  • Pink and White Floral Neoprene Seat Covers - Made of an attractive neoprene fabric, these seat covers from Auto Anything are custom-designed for your specific car and retail for under $250 per row.
  • Pink and Black Cow Car Seat Covers - This set of two covers from is designed especially to fit the front seats in your car. You enter the year, make, and model of your vehicle and receive these hot pink cow-printed covers in the correct size and shape. The set of two retails for about $100.
  • Furry Pink Seat Covers - This fun set of seat covers from Walmart will definitely make a fashion statement in your vehicle, and they're perfect for the colder months. Each seat cover retails for about $45.

Dash Kits

Pink Dash Kit
Pink Dash Kit at

A dash kit is a colored frame that replaces your existing car dash, giving you a stunning pop of color. Generally, these are model-specific, meaning you'll need to order one that is the ideal size and shape for your vehicle. Finding them in pink is not easy, but consider these two options:

  • Custom Dash Kit in Pink - This kit from RVinyl is available in pink, but you have to select your car's make and model before choosing the color. The vinyl kit is easy to install yourself, since it just sticks on over your existing dash. The price varies by the car, but they typically retail for about $80.
  • Sherwood Dash Kits - These dash kits, available from Auto Anything, come in a shiny candy pink color. They require professional installation. The price varies significantly depending on the model of your car, but most cost in the range of $200 to $300.

Steering Wheel and Seat Belt Covers

Pink Rattleskin Steering Wheel Cover from
Pink Steering Wheel Cover from

You can purchase covers for your steering wheel or seat belt to give these items some girly flair. These are inexpensive updates that are easy to install. Typically, you'll only need to stretch the item to fit and slip it on. Consider these options:

  • Hot Pink and Black Seat Belt Covers - This set of two seat belt covers from are made of shocking pink and black velour. They fit most seat belts and retail for about $12 for two.
  • Pink Rattleskin Steering Wheel Cover - This bright pink cover from CarDecor has an embossed rattlesnake skin print. It fits almost all steering wheels and retails for $10.
  • Shaggy Pink Steering Wheel Cover - This adorable steering wheel cover from features an all-over pink shag texture. It fits most vehicles and retails for about $12.

Shift Knobs

The gear shifter on your car is a great place to put a little bright pink. Depending on the model of your vehicle and whether it's a stick shift or an automatic, replacing the shift knob may be a job for the professionals. You'll love these pretty replacement knobs.

Pink Crystal Shift Knob from
Pink Crystal Bubble Shift Knob from
  • Pink Crystal Shift Knob - This shift knob from consists of a hot pink plastic crystal. It works with both manual and automatic cars and retails for about $20.
  • Pink Swarovski Crystal Automatic Shift Knob - This sparkling crystal-studded pink knob from Custom Creations is made for automatics and has a universal fit. It retails for about $150.

Other Accessories

If you're hoping to add a little more pink, there are lots of creative ways to do it. Try one of these other accessories:

  • Auto Vase with a Pink Flower from
    Auto Vase from
    Auto Vase with a Pink Flower - An auto vase is a little container that simply clips onto the vent in your vehicle. This one from CarDecor features a large pink daisy. It retails for $12.
  • Interior LED Underdash Lighting Kit - This amazing lighting kit from is easy to install and lets you place a bright pink glow under you car seats, dashboard, and anywhere else in your car's interior. It retails for about $25.

The Envy of Everyone

Shopping for car accessories is lots of fun, especially if those accessories are pink. Take your time looking at all the options and choosing accessories that fit your style and budget. Soon, you'll have a one-of-a-kind girly ride that will be the envy of everyone.

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