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Top Ten Drivers Ed Car Games

Some driving students just can't get enough driving time in, and often seek out additional methods to practice driving techniques and memorize the rules of the road. This is where a drivers ed car game can come in handy. This slideshow outlines the top 10 drivers ed car games online, starting with the online parallel parking tool from Drivers Ed Direct.

This is one of the most realistic driving simulators online, and if you follow the parallel parking rules you learned in driver's ed, you might just park the car without hitting anything and earn a good grade!

The Original Driver's Ed Game

You can find the "Driver's Ed" game at StreetRacersOnline, or many other free online game sites. This game provides you with a place where you can practice the rules of the road that you learned in class. It includes parallel parking, stopping at a 4-way, pulling out into traffic and more.

The DMV Game

DriversEd offers a very educational game called "DMV Game," where you watch the driving video, and then you need to answer various questions that you're likely to find on the written test when you go to get your license.

So You Think You Can Drive?

This "so you think you can drive" game from DriverEdToGo is one of the more high quality free driving games available. You get to choose your driver, your car (including a sports car or a Hummber!) In this game you have certain tasks to complete to move to the next level. These include pulling out of a parking space, driving through intersections, parallel parking and more.

Play FR Quick Park

This game is called FR Quick Park, from It's an addictive game where you need to maneuver your vehicle through various obstacles to make it to a parking spot under a time limit. It helps drivers learn about which way to turn the steering wheel to maneuver a car back and forth. Be forewarned, once you start playing you won't be able to stop!

California DMV Flash Test

If you think you know the rules of the road like the back of your hand, take this California DMF Flash test to see how well you really know the rules. The test displays pictures of various driving situations and you need to answer a question about it.

Go For a Day Drive

The game "Day Drive" from Game1Games is a popular racing game. While racing games normally wouldn't help someone learn to drive, this one does because of the realism of the steering, braking, and cornering. Try approaching curves from different angles and improve your overall driving skill.

Park Your Ride 2: Shanghai

In the game Park Your Ride 2: Shanghai from Game1Games, you are a valet who must park various cars in different parking spots in a time limit. Learn to steer properly to maneuver obstacles and improve your overall proficiency with coordinating turning and car movements. Don't bang up the car or you'll get yourself in a world of trouble!

Practice Driving a Taxi

Bombai Taxi is a fun driving game where you need to perform various driving maneuvers in a limited time. Mess up once and you're out of a job! This is a great game to analyze how best to approach a parking spot, and how to maneuver parking lots and other areas without hitting anything!

Practice Driving as a Cab Driver

Another great driving game is Cab Driver at MiniClip, where you work as a taxi driver. Pick up passengers and follow the arrows to get them to their destination as quickly as possible. You'll learn the rules of the road (or you'll get hit), stopping and accelerating without hitting pedestrians, and navigating through streets while concentrating on staying on your side of the road!

Before you take your driving test, make sure to check out LoveToKnow Car's guide on learning to drive a car.

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Drivers Ed Car Game