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Can you buy a used car from South Africa and have it shipped to the United States? South Africa car sales are becoming popular choices for US used car buyers, especially with deeply discounted prices and low mileages.

Where Can I Find South Africa Car Sales?

A quick search on any Internet browser that includes the search words, cars for sale from South Africa will return many sites, including used car listing websites where all the used vehicles are offered by dealerships.

  • Vehicle Traders - The used cars on this website are vast and offer reviews with each listing. Buy vehicles by adding them to your shopping cart or telephone the company directly. You can pay via wire transfer, but they do not offer shipping. They will give you the necessary paperwork you need in order to get your vehicle shipped to the closest port of entry.
  • TAZZ 130 2000 Cars - If you're unsure what type of used car you want from South Africa, this website has a great search tool. Simply put in the price range you are looking for and the results reveal all makes and models available. If you find one you like, you can add it to your wish list or contact the dealership that is selling the vehicle. Payment is made via funds wire transfer and dealerships can give you the necessary paperwork to have your vehicle shipped. They do not offer shipping services.
  • Used Cars Online - All of the used vehicles for sale on this website are posted from dealerships all over South Africa. You can browse by make, read reviews, and look at photographs. After you choose, you can email the dealer to arrange for payment. Shipping from the dealership will vary, however, all dealers will provide you the necessary paperwork required.

Currency Conversion

To find out how much used vehicles are in US currency, use's Currency Converter. For example, if a car has a price of 20,000 ZAR, enter that amount and choose the South Africa Rand ZAR option. Next choose convert to US Dollars and hit GO. In our example, the result was a conversion of $2,476.01 US dollars. Keep in mind that foreign exchange rates change daily.

Shipping From South Africa

If a dealership or online used car company in South Africa can't help you arrange shipping, you can browse for companies that will ship to the US or wherever you live. One such company, Schumacher Cargo offers free quotes on different types of shipping services.

Schumacher Cargo suggests you purchase total loss insurance to protect your investment and ensure it arrives safely to your destination. They will handle all customs arrangements but do warn that destination shipyards may charge additional fees. You can pay via wire transfer and chat with a customer service representative online.

Wire Transfers

Be smart about wire transfers. You can utilize an international online service like MoneyGram, or contact your bank or financial institution. Keep in mind there is a fee to wire transfer money and additional overseas fees may apply. Read the warnings about wire transfers listed on the MoneyGram page to protect yourself from fraud.

South Africa car sales are on the rise because the currency conversion from the ZAR to the US dollar is saving many car buyers hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Just as you would when buying any vehicle you can't touch and feel or test-drive, make sure you ask a lot of questions about the vehicle and use the handy Used Car Checklist. Check with the Better Business Bureau for shipping companies that have unresolved complaints. Remember, South Africa car sales can save you money, but be smart about what you're buying and do as much research as you can before you buy.

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South Africa Car Sales