Toyo Tire Reviews

Toyo Tire Reviews
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Interested in Toyo tires and wondering how they rate against the other guys? Here, you'll find Toyo tire reviews covering the various tires they produce.

History of Toyo Tire

Toyo Tire & Rubber Company, Ltd is headquartered in Japan. The company was established in the 1940s. In June of 2004, they opened Toyo Tire North America in Georgia. This tire company has offices and manufacturing plants in Italy, Canada, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. Along with automotive tires, they manufacture automotive parts and chemical and industrial products.

The US Toyo Tire division is located in Georgia and offers tires for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and minivans. According to Treadepot, Toyo tires have been voted number one in product quality for the last eight years by Tire Review magazine that conducted a study of independent tire dealers.

Passenger Car and Minivan Toyo Tire Reviews

For passenger cars and minivans, Toyo offers the Versado, Extensa, Spectrum, and Poxes TPT models. Consumers gave high ratings to the Extensa model saying it has great gripping capabilities and comes at an affordable price. While some Toyo tire owners weren't impressed with the tread design, the tire's performance in all-weather conditions and overall affordability was the appealing factor. The Proxes model group did not fare as well and drivers complained of noise and slippage in wet and dry conditions. The Proxes did last an amazing 65,000 miles in tread wear, however.

Light Truck and SUV Toyo Tire Reviews

The light truck and SUV line up of Toyo tires include their Open Country and MT models. Customers like the smooth ride of the Open Country model, saying it made an SUV ride feel more like that of a four-door sedan. Others were pleased with the fuel economy from the Open Country models but said it lacks good performance in wet or snowy conditions. The MT line up of Toyo tires fared better in winter and wet weather conditions and offered up a tread wear of 35,000 miles. The MT also rated high for off-road conditions.

Where to Buy Toyo Tires

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Visit and use their Dealer Finder tool to find a Toyo tire dealer in your area, or the Tire Finder feature to help you decide which Toyo tire is right for your vehicle. It also and provides important safety information for each tire you select.

The Tire Registration page is important for all Toyo tire owners to fill out in case of recalls. It is not required for customers to register their Toyo tires, however, if you have warranty issues, you must have the original receipt.

Toyo Tire Warranties

The warranty offered on Toyo tires depends upon the model you purchase. For most tires, the warranty is good up to twenty-five percent of wear or sixty months, whichever comes first. All of the tires have mileage warranties ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 miles. You can download the Toyo Tire Warranty and Owner's Manual directly from their website.

The Toyo Tire Canada warranty website offers a detailed description of what Toyo Tire will not cover under their warranty.

Summing Up Toyo Tires

As with other independent tire companies, you won't find Toyo tires in large retailers such as Wal-Mart, but many tire chain stores such as Discount Tire and Big-O Tires carry them. According to Toyo tire reviews, consumers looking for both affordability and performance in their tires will be happy with a Toyo tire purchase.

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Toyo Tire Reviews