Toyota Sienna Maintenance

Toyota Sienna Maintenance
Proper maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs to your minivan.

Minivans are important family transportation, and performing proper Toyota Sienna maintenance can ensure a long, reliable life for your car. Learn why maintenance is so important, how to care for your minivan, and where to find helpful information about your vehicle.

About the Toyota Sienna

Since 1998, the Toyota Sienna has been one of the most popular minivans in North America. Over 115,000 Siennas were told in the United States in 2008. The vehicle has won multiple awards and has gone through two major redesigns.

The Toyota Sienna is known for its impressive safety ratings and its overall performance. However, some owners and reviewers complain about the reliability of this vehicle. These concerns about reliability mean that it is even more important to properly maintain your Toyota Sienna.

Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance is all about taking care of your car so it will take care of you. Often automobile owners forget about regular maintenance until there is a problem with their vehicle. Then they end up paying far more money to repair the issue than they would have to avoid it in the first place.

When you buy a new minivan, it's important to follow the dealer's recommended maintenance schedule. If you skip oil changes or forget to get your tires rotated, you may be voiding your vehicle warranty. If you have any concerns about your car's reliability, it's important to remember that your warranty is what stands between you and expensive auto repair bills.

Typical Toyota Sienna Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your Toyota Sienna includes the following:

  • Regularly change engine oil and replace oil filter
  • Frequently check brake wear and change brake pads as needed
  • Rotate and replace tires when needed
  • Replace engine and cabin air filters at regular intervals
  • Change fluids like engine coolant and transmission fluid
  • Replace spark plugs

If you routinely drive your vehicle on dirt roads or frequently use your car for towing, you may need to perform the following additional maintenance:

  • Have dust covers and ball joints inspected
  • Change the air filters more frequently
  • Tighten bolts that may have loosened from bumps
  • Inspect drive shaft and steering linkage

All maintenance can be performed by your Toyota dealer or by an auto repair shop familiar with Toyotas. If you're feeling ambitious, you may even be able to save money by doing some of your own auto repair and maintenance.

Getting More Information

For a full list of the regular maintenance required for your Toyota Sienna, you can look in your car's owner's manual. This document will give you information about your maintenance schedule, and you'll also find directions for performing some basic maintenance.

If you can't find your vehicle's manual, you can download a free Toyota Sienna maintenance schedule online from the Toyota Service Center Website.

Keeping Records

Every time you perform maintenance on your car, it's a good idea to make a record in your vehicle log. This way, you'll know if you've already taken care of a specific maintenance item or if you still need to perform that task. Keeping good records of your vehicle maintenance will also be important when you sell your car. Used car buyers will pay more for a vehicle if they know it has been well-maintained.

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Toyota Sienna Maintenance