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Buying a car can be daunting, but researching your vehicle using US News car reviews is helpful and educational. The more you know about your next vehicle before you buy, the more satisfied you'll be with your new or used car.

About US News Car Reviews

US News and World Report has been reviewing and ranking colleges and healthcare providers for several years, but they recently created a new ranking category for automobiles. Instead of the traditional review approach, which involves test driving the vehicle and then offering an opinion, US News Cars and Trucks Rankings are based on compilations of other reviews and available information.

The idea behind this approach is to provide a single, objective source for vehicle reviews and comparisons. The editors at US News review expert opinions on vehicle safety, reliability, and performance. They gather information from other websites, television reports, and magazine and newspaper articles. They also include the source of the information, so you can continue researching the vehicle yourself.

Rankings for Cars and Trucks

After they have compiled automobile reviews for a selected model, US News then uses a formula to rank the car against other similar vehicles. This formula prioritizes features that are most important to car buyers. US News considers the following qualities when ranking vehicles:

  • Safety: Editors compute a vehicle's safety score by studying safety information from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and other reputable sources for safety data.
  • Performance: US News studies vehicle reviews to compile a performance rating. Factors often include handling, braking ability, steering, acceleration, and general impressions about the quality of the ride.
  • Interior and Exterior: Also based on professional vehicle reviews, this score usually includes an assessment of the car's features, spaciousness, visual appeal, and quality.
  • Reliability: US News relies heavily on information obtained through the J.D. Power and Associates data for vehicle dependability. The J.D. Power and Associates survey studies owner satisfaction and perceived dependability of vehicles over a period of three years.

How to Use this Information

The US News Car and Truck Ratings website is very easy to use. The site features helpful articles and slideshows, as well as a tool to help you search for specific used cars in your area. You can also look at car reviews and manufacturer's suggested retail prices for almost all brands of new cars. Whether you're buying a new Ferrari or a new Ford, you can find out more about these cars by selecting the brand name. You can then browse by model and see how that car stacks up against other vehicles in the same class. You'll also see basic information about the car, including gas mileage.You can also view vehicle rankings by type and class. Car rankings include small, midsize, and large cars, as well as wagons, sports cars, and convertibles. For SUVs, you can view compact, midsize, or large SUVs, off-road vehicles, and crossovers. Truck buyers can see how specific models compare against other compact, full size, and heavy duty trucks and sport utility trucks. Passenger vans and minivans are also divided within the van category, giving you the ability to see whether the minivan you are considering is the best in its class. There is even a category for hybrids with classifications for both hybrid cars and SUVs.

Final Words

This site is an excellent resource for anyone considering a new or used vehicle, since it puts a large amount of research right at your fingertips. Whether you need to figure out if a car fits in your budget, want to know if you are going to have engine or electrical problems, or need to find out whether this car has the performance ability you're looking for, the US News car reviews site is a great place to start researching your next car.

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US News Car Review