Finding UK Used Car Values

UK Used Cars
Used Cars in the UK!

There are many websites that offer used car valuations for vehicles in the UK. Some websites offer free used car values, while others require you to join for a fee. Also included here is a free UK to US conversion tool for buyers outside of the United Kingdom.

Best Websites for Used Car Values UK

  • Used Car Expert - Register for free and include your postcode to receive email updates on used car values in your area. To find used vehicle values, click the Used Car Prices tab, select a manufacturer, model, engine size, petrol or diesel fuel, and click on the Look It Up tab. This website offers buyer's guides, used car reviews, repair garages, and a depreciation index.
  • We Buy Any Car - To find used car values on this website, register and use their valuation tool and you'll receive an email with prices depending on year, make, model, and mileage. This site not only helps value UK used cars, it can help you find or sell one.
  • UK Motoring Directory - From this website's homepage, find great buying guides and used car values for free by clicking on the Buy and Sell Vehicles tab. Along with vehicle valuations, this website offers great articles covering everything from the repair shop to insurance quotes.
  • Glass's - For over sixteen years, Glass's has provided free used car values aimed toward the UK buyer. This site is one of the easiest to use right from their home page. You'll also find motoring tips, an editor's blog, and best and worst car performance reviews.
  • Wise Buyer's Guide - Wise Buyer's Guide allows you to not only find out what your used car is worth but features a used car valuation tool. The Wise Buyer's Guide is free, however, it does direct you to other links once you begin your valuation search.
  • Parkers - Like Kelley Blue Book in the US, Parkers has long been known as the best place to search for everything you need to know about used cars. From used car values to insurance to reviews to repair facilities, Parkers is the place to begin. To get the most from Parkers, take the time to register online. They do have a longer registration form but Parkers is worth it. They also offer subscription services for buying guides, newsletters, and a magazine that can be snail-mailed if you prefer to browse for used cars off line..

Tips for Valuing UK Used Car Values on the Internet

  • When you browse different websites that insist they are free, never enter your credit card or other financial information.
  • If you don't want to receive emails from a UK used car website, look for a box you can check saying you prefer not to receive emails.
  • As with all online used car valuations, use the prices you find as a starting tool. When you buy, a price may be higher or lower depending upon options, mileage, and other factors.
  • If you are purchasing an American brand car, use CarFax EU to check used vehicle history reports on American cars imported to the UK.

Currency Conversion Tool

Currency rates change often. If you're outside of the UK and want to convert pounds to US dollars or another currency, visit a site like for an easy to use currency converter.

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Finding UK Used Car Values