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Steven Tyler Car
Steven Tyler's Venom GT

Stars driving their cars down the fast lane of celebrity is, for many, the stuff of which dreams are made. While a fascination with cars is certainly nothing new, whether vintage or custom-made with all the bells, whistles and then some, it's hard to imagine anyone not doing a double-take when these star-powered machines take to the streets.

Movie Stars and Their Cars

It should come as no surprise that some movie and television personalities have cars that seem to fit, as with their acting roles, like a glove.

Samuel L. Jackson

When home in California, Jackson's ride of choice is his Maybach 57 S Limousine. Ordered directly from the factory in Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz Designo vehicle is it equipped with a solar roof panel, allowing for ventilation and interior temperature regulation, a refrigerator, silver tumblers for beverages, champagne glasses for, um, champagne or other festive concoctions, and folding tables. Jackson is a well-known Mercedes-Benz fan, so this is a little something he added to his collection in 2006.

Pierce Brosnan

An Aston Martin V12 Vanquish seems like an ideal fit for the Die Another Day James Bond actor. In fact, with its 450 horsepower 6.0-litre engine, that according to Brosnan, hit 95mph in the streets of Los Angeles when challenged to a race by a teenager...that is, before he came to his senses and called off the jam. Sadly, Brosnan lost the Vanquish in a house fire in February 2015, and the personalized car tags were the only things salvageable.

Brad Pitt

Although he has quite a brood to haul around these days, his eco-friendly BMW Hydrogen 7, with its sleek and elegant design, is more likely to show up at movie premieres than soccer games. In fact, this car has joined Pitt's other BMW's, of which he is a fan, in his collection. It also places him squarely in the ranks of other celebs to whom BMW loaned these upscale, but conservation-minded vehicles like Will Ferrell, Richard Gere, and Sharon Stone.

Music Industry Movers & Shakers

Knowing how to stand out in a crowd is often how music makers garner attention and, ultimately fame, so why shouldn't their rides be the same? These cars, like their drivers, will not go unnoticed.

Steven Tyler

In 2011, Tyler approached Hennessey Performance chief John Hennessey about building his Venom GT as a roadster. Hennessey shared they had to make some structural changes to accommodate a removable top and increase the power to adjust for the added weight. While the car is known for its amazing handling, perhaps the best unique feature of the car is the white maribou piece draped around the screen sitting just above the gear shift, likely added by superstar himself. Tyler decided to auction off the car via email earlier this year (2016) with a minimum bid of $1.1 million, the amount he paid for the car. Proceeds from the car sale were marked to benefit Janie's Fund for abused girls.

Kanye West

His infamous black Lamborghini Aventador was a gift from Kim Kardashian who faced quite a dilemma when it came to the paint. As one might expect, she wanted it to stand out from the crowd and had the choice to wait 18 months to have one built to spec, get the car wrapped in matte black vinyl, or, go, as she did, with the third option to have it fully repainted. Platinum Motorsport got the gig and, upon receiving the brand new car to their shop, took everything apart to get the job done as much of the work required hand-painting. Kardashian was so pleased with the work, she posted several videos, including a time lapse sequence, of the extensive process.

Snoop Dog

It takes the classic ride of a 1968 Cadillac Coupe de Ville to move Snoop Dog around his hometown of Long Beach, CA, and beyond. He claims it is completely "pimped out," or as his fleet manager Bigg Slice says, "Snoopisized," as one might expect from the rapper, and part of what he terms an old school car fleet. With its personalized detailing and graphics, there's no doubt as to whom this vehicle belongs.

Think Pink

While pink isn't one of your standard stock vehicle colors, for these celebrities it becomes the perfect, and perhaps obvious, choice.

Nicky Minaj

It seems clear pink suits Nicky Minaj's vehicles: a Bentley Continental GT, and her Lamborghini Aventador too. She is most frequently spotted in the Lamborghini, which was originally purchased in blue. Minaj decided the vehicle needed to be reinvented in cotton candy pink and through the joint efforts of Exotic Euro Cars, West Coast Wrappers and Forgiato, it came to be to the tune of about $30,000.

Katie Price

Her pink Range Rover became one of the most talked about cars in the UK following a $160,000 make over by the guys at Project Khan. That same team was responsible for transforming her Bugatti Veyron several times until it, too, was pink. The UK fashion model and reality television star also previously owned a pink Volkswagen, sold in 2012. Her pink scooter and horse truck included, the press called her fleet the "Barbie car collection. " Price did put her Range Rover, which had a color coordinated quilted interior and black alloys, up for sale in late 2013, purportedly to make way for a new car.

Flo Rida

This rapper had a mission in mind when he wrapped his Bugatti Veyron in pink. A clear favorite car among celebrities with the likes of Simon Cowell, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Cruise, and Jay-Z in the club, the model is so exclusive it has only about 300 have been sold. With a $1.7 million price tag as a starting point, it is easy to see why. Rida decided to go pink in honor of Best Cancer Awareness Month, the emblematic pink ribbon gracing the vehicle's hood, and it has stayed that way. There's something to be said for wearing your heart, or your cause, on your car.

Sports Celebs Vehicular Knock-Outs

Whether shooting hoops, hanging ten, or snagging a bomb, these sports figures spend their time off the playing field in sweet rides.

Dennis Rodman

Never having been known for being understated, it should come as no surprise Dennis Rodman has what can only be called a one-of-a-kind Hummer. What is unique about this particular vehicle is its hand-painted exterior, given that wrapping cars was not a "thing" in 1996 when the car was acquired. Other customization includes an amber light bar on the hard top, special lights across the front bull bar, and a roof-mounted spotlight. By comparison, the interior appears to be relatively tame, save the huge speakers inside. Of additional note for anyone interested, it is for sale.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Jeep
Tony Hawk's Jeep

For a man who performs skateboarding magic, it's no wonder Tony Hawk's car of choice is the Jeep SRT8, which was diverted to Hennessey Performance for an HPE600 Turbo Upgrade upgrade. Jeep was a sponsor in the early days of his career and Hawk found he liked the vehicle. He does admit since his kids are often in the car with him, he can't always open it up the way he would like, but the occasional gunning to pass another vehicle does give him a rush, even at the expense of his 8-year-old losing a video game life.

Josh Gordon

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver goes anything but unnoticed when he arrives in his GT Porsche Panamera sporting a camouflage exterior and orange rims. The car itself seems well suited to the popular player, given a top speed over 170 mph, and its sleek design makes it ideal to move in and around anyone looking to get in his way, defensive lines aside. As long as he doesn't park it in a forest, it is a safe bet this car will remain a standout.

The Wheels of People Famous for Being Famous

Sometimes the rank of celebrity is granted to those who are in the public eye due to family ties, famous friends, or just being outrageous in places where people go to "see and be seen." Undoubtedly, these folks, even if you had no idea who they were, would draw your attention with these cars.

Kylie Jenner

While a $260,000 Ferrari 458 Spider may be on the top of many birthday wish lists, Kylie Jenner received one from her boyfriend, Tyga, for her 18th. Originally, the car started out white, but while she was still celebrating, the crew at Calabasas Luxury Motorcars gave the car a new matte gray wrap and red Forgiatos. However, sometimes a girl needs to freshen things up a bit, even when it comes to an amazing piece of machinery. Recently, the car exterior was repainted to what Jenner refers to as "Kylie Blue." Talk about life in the fast color lane.

Paris Hilton

The Hilton Hotel heiress has long been known for her love of all things pink, so naturally her pink Bentley Continental GT is completely customized inside and out featuring pink leather seats, pink leather dashboard, and pink rims. Basically, any and everything that could be pink, is. West Coast Customs converted the anything-but-ordinary-to-begin-with vehicle into something perfectly aligned to Hilton's distinct signature.

Kim Kardashian

No stranger to owning cars that show off her expensive taste, Kardashian purchased a 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom, with a base price starting at just over $400,000, then immediately turned the new car over to Platinum Motorsport for customization. With a new silver matte paint job and over-sized rims, she adds this to the family fleet that includes a Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes-Benz G63, Bentley Continental GTC, and several Range Rovers, to name just a few.

Conscientious Drivers

With celebrity often comes the opportunity to share viewpoints or, perhaps, do something action-oriented to get others to think about a variety of issues. With so much discussion about the environment, saving our resources, and reducing carbon footprints in the media, it is interesting there are celebs thinking green, too, or at least electric.

  • Toyota Prius owners include Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Bradley Cooper, Dustin Hoffman, Orlando Bloom, and Kate Bosworth. Meanwhile, the Tango T600 has at least one celebrity fan in George Clooney. Clooney purchased one of the first models with a list price around $108,000 after auctioning off his 2008 Tesla "Signature 100" Roadster.
  • Tesla Model S's are another popular "green machine," with the likes of Zooey Deschanel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Shakira among the ranks owning the vehicle. The Nissan Leaf finds fans among Alyssa Milano, David Arquette, and Penn Jillette, as does the Toyota RAV EV with favorites like Ed Begley, Jr., Tom Hanks, and Alexandra Paul situated in the driver's seat.

The Collectors

With fame and fortune comes the opportunity to collect cars that are far larger, and more expensive, than their Matchbox counterparts. While many of the celebrities mentioned have multiple vehicles, these standouts are well-known for their expensive hobby.

Jay Leno

To say the man is a car fanatic may fall a bit short of the reality. Purportedly, Leno has enough motorcycles and cars in his extensive collection to fill over 130 garages. Some of the more unique vehicles in his stable include:

Jerry Seinfeld

The man who rose to fame with his show about "nothing," certainly has something to show for it as a renowned celebrity car collector. Although he recently sold off part of his impressive collection citing the inability to store and properly upkeep, once you hear him start talking about Porsches, it becomes apparent Seinfeld has an absolute passion for his cars. He even compares conversations shared with others about "which one do you like best," to being a kid trying to choose which marble is the most favored.

Floyd Mayweather

It may surprise many that one of the top boxers in the world has one of the largest car collections as well. One of the wealthiest athletes in the world, Mayweather's garage is, quite literally, packed with cars, so much so four vehicles have been squeezed into a three-car garage on his estate with extreme precision. Among some of his more exotic selections are the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, including gullwing doors, a 651-horsepower V12 engine Ferrari Enzo, and the top-of-the-line Bentley Mulsanne, weighing in at 6,000 pounds. His team admits to always being at the ready with each and every vehicle, never entirely certain what Mayweather may feel like driving down to the store.

Stars and Their Cars

When it comes down to it, cars can be a perfect way to express an individual's personality and, quite literally, put it out there on the streets. Whether subdued and modest or completely outrageous like their owners, cars have a lot to say about their driver. Truth be told, just as some vehicles are standouts in the movies, in real-life, a celebrity's car could follow suit and take on a unique, identifiable character all its own.

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