Embroidered Jeep Patches

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Off-road enthusiasts and Jeep fans love embroidered Jeep patches because they can affix these designs to just about anything. If you have a duffel bag that you take with you everywhere, just sew the Jeep patch to the side of the bag to let everyone know what 4x4 you love. If you have a favorite jacket that you wear everywhere you go, affix the patch to the breast pocket to display your pride in this amazing vehicle. No matter what you would like to use it for, there is likely a custom embroidered Jeep patch that will suite your tastes.

Types of Patches Available

Even though the Jeep logo is rather plain and has remained unchanged for many years, there is still a wide variety of interesting patches available. This is because these amazing off-road vehicles have been used for so many different purposes - from youth camping trips to environmental group outings - that many unique patches utilizing the Jeep logo now exist throughout the Internet. Because of this, you can find new and used patches that will suit your taste. Some examples of what's available include the following:

  • Images of the Jeep with an American Flag background
  • Images of the vehicle with references to its WWI origins
  • Patches that simply feature the logo itself with a simple colored background
  • Tag lines that enthusiasts have used through the years, like "It's a Jeep thing"

Where to Find Embroidered Jeep Patches

You may be surprised just how many places sell these patches. The following are just a few examples:

  • CafePress offers an impressive collection of Jeep patches.
  • California Jeep Authority offers a set of patches for just $20. They also offer a great collection of shirts, hats and more that already have patches attached.

Now that you know where to find great mbroidered Jeep patches, start your own collection and show off your pride to everyone you know.

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Embroidered Jeep Patches