Funny License Plate Frames

I Don't Give A... License Plate Frame
I Don't Give A... License Plate Frame

For many people, their car is a reflection of their personality. There are countless modifications available to personalize a vehicle and one of the least expensive for those looking for a good laugh is a funny license plate frame. They are affordable, accessible and easily swapped when the desire hits.

License Plate Holders With Attitude

Drivers who want to express their anger and frustration in a more humorous way will find several license plate holders that are chock-full of edgy attitude.

I heart haters funny license plate frame
I Heart Haters License Plate Frame
  • I Heart Haters: A flat black frame, the red heart is offset by the white lettering, ironically or sarcastically depicting the driver's love for all the haters in the world.
  • I Don't Give A...: The silver frame features a red plate on the lower side expressing how this driver just doesn't care with a little visual help from a rodent and a donkey.
  • Nobody Cares: For people who are tired of the stick figure family stickers that many people place on their back windows, this black license plate frame offers just enough snarkiness.

For Self-Admitted Bad Drivers

While it can't possibly be the case, the majority of people on the road will claim that they are at least above-average drivers. Then, there are those who are aware of their shortcomings behind the wheel and these funny frames are the perfect fit.

  • License and Registration: After being pulled over by the police a few too many times, this shiny chrome frame expresses a funny sense of self-awareness for the speedster.
  • Don't Follow Me: When it's not so much a case of poor driving skills as much as it is a poor sense of direction, this "I'm Lost Too" silver frame tells the person behind that they should probably pull over and read a map.
  • Driver Has A.D.D.: While the frame itself is a silver-colored heavy metal, the bold red labels on the top and bottom are real eye-catchers. Poking fun at mental health may be a little controversial, but this would suit certain personalities on the road for sure.
  • If You Can Read This: With a narrow durable zinc frame and triple chrome plated finish, this license plate frame features text that is upside down, telling the driver behind to "turn me over" if they can read the words.

Tired of Tailgaters?

A very common pet peeve is when the car behind is following a little too closely. Disarm those tailgaters with a healthy dose of laughter.

The Closer You Get License Plate Frame
The Closer You Get License Plate Frame
  • The Closer You Get: Tailgaters have a severe case of impatience and they're anxious to get ahead. Frustrate them even further with this matte-finished black ABS plastic frame by saying that as they get closer, you'll simply drive even more slowly.
  • So Close In Front of You: Flipping the perspective around with a sarcastic apology, this chrome frame with colored text on a black background states that it's not that the car behind is following too closely; it's that this car is too close in front of them.
  • I Brake For Tailgaters: In a rear-ender, the car in the back is almost always the one at fault. Playing off the more honest expression of braking for others, this silver frame with bright yellow stickers offers a bold and humorous warning.

The Appropriate Use of Humor

Just as not everyone enjoys the same brand of comedy in movies, television and standup, the same can be said about funny license plate frames. It is better to err on the safer, more politically correct side of humor if the vehicle is being used for work purposes. A chrome and black frame shaped like a bent golf club may be more appropriate for a manager than a snarky frame with blue language. Similarly, more risque or sexually-geared license plate holders may not be particularly appropriate for teen drivers.

Laughter is the best medicine, but its application should be tempered with common sense.

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Funny License Plate Frames