Most Popular Aftermarket Truck Accessories

Aftermarket upgrades for pickup trucks

Americans love their trucks. They also love to customize them to fit their personalities or work requirements. Whatever you desire in your truck, there is likely an upgrade that fits.

Accessories for the Work Truck

Most pickups are for working or hauling goods around. It's what they're good at. However, even the best designs sometimes need improvement.

Bed Liner

One of the best items you could buy for your truck is a bed liner. The goal is to guard the bed of your truck from dents, dings and scratches. The parts blog found over at Olathe Toyota, put together a list of the more popular aftermarket accessories for the Tundra. The bed liner is at the top of this list. There are several options out there; however, one study shows that DualLiner provides an exceptional warranty.

Tailgate Protection

Some trucks don't require the entire liner. Instead, most of their work takes place on the tailgate. In this instance, a guard made out of diamond plate, or other suitable material, protects the part of the bed that receives the brunt of the impact. This sturdy accessory made the list for the top 10 most popular accessories for full size pickup trucks.

The tailgate is where tools and other objects slide in and out of the bed causing scratches and dents. Protecting it with a Dee Zee tailgate protector is essential to keep it looking good for many years. Dee Zee is the largest maker of protectors with great reviews from their customers.

Heavy Duty Hitch

Curt 14000 Class 4 Receiver Hitch
Curt 14000 Class 4 Receiver Hitch

The hitch provided when you purchased your truck is good enough to haul a small trailer. However, if you want to do any serious towing, it is a good idea to upgrade your hitch with a beefier unit. In fact, this accessory made Sema's top 10 list twice: once for full size, and once for mid-size pickup trucks.

Tool Box

Delta 1-304000 Bright Aluminum Mid Size Single Lid Crossover Truck Box
Delta Aluminum Tool Box

If you're a professional, you need somewhere to store your tools. According to the Pickup Trucks website, a tool box is one of the most popular accessories for Dodge pickups. Opt for a quality one, like this box from Delta, because the cheap ones can be broken into with just a screwdriver. You don't want to have your livelihood stolen.

Bed Extender

Sometimes, the amount of bed you have in your pickup truck isn't enough. This is the main reason why the bed extender made Ford-Trucks' top 10 list. When your truck has a bed extender, you have more storage space and you don't have to worry about your goods falling out.

Truck Performance

Sometimes, you just want to have fun. Maybe your truck is your personal vehicle and you use it to make a statement. You want it to look and sound a certain way, or maybe you use it to go off-roading and can't chance getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Regardless of its purpose, you only want the best upgrades.


K&N 63-3082 Performance Intake Kit
K&N 63-3082 Performance Intake Kit

Due to price, the intake is usually the first performance part to receive an upgrade in the automotive world at large. The easiest way to boost performance is by helping the engine breathe better. According to the Auto Anything website, K&N made their "best of" list, four different times.


On the other side of the breathing equation is the exhaust system. Not only does an aftermarket exhaust sound great with a deep, throaty rumble, it also enhances the vehicle's performance by being less restrictive. This bolt-on accessory is one of the most popular aftermarket products for Ford trucks. Most aftermarket exhaust companies make excellent systems. For the best performance, go with mandrel bent stainless steel pipes, such as those available from Magnaflow.

Aftermarket Suspension

When you go off road, ground clearance is all important. This helps to ensure that you won't bottom out and damage the undercarriage. Also, when your truck is up higher, it allows you to go further into the woods. Truckin' Magazine compiled a list of the Top 25 Bolt-On Truck Accessories, and a few different suspension components made the list. The folks over at Superlift can help you figure out what you're looking for in an aftermarket suspension kit.


A good set of tires are essential for any situation and go hand in hand with a suspension kit. If you lift your truck, you'll need bigger tires to fill the gaps. If you lower your truck, you'll need a lower profile tire to ensure the truck doesn't hit the tires.

Even if your truck has no other modifications, you'll want to make sure you have good all-around traction to be safe. Consumer Search has already picked out the top four tires to choose from, with the Michelin Defender LTX M/S at the top of the list with excellent all-around traction.

Upgrades Make a Difference

There are many types of accessories and upgrades to choose from to enhance the performance of your truck. The upgrades you select will impact what you can do with your truck in work and in play.

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Most Popular Aftermarket Truck Accessories