Must-Have Car Accessories

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Today's automotive marketplace offers a broad range of car accessories. Some accessories are important to have on hand for roadside emergencies, and some are practical items that can make your life a little easier. Accessories are also available that can help display your personality and show your coolness factor.

Accessories for Roadside Emergencies

Nothing is worse than getting stuck somewhere on the side of the road unprepared. Make sure you're ready if your car breaks down with the following must-have car accessories. These things will help when you experience an emergency while on the road:

Jumper Cables

One of the most important accessories you can store in your car is a set of jumper cables. If you can't start your car because of a dead battery, jumper cables will allow you to jump start your car off another vehicle's battery.

Tire Air Compressor

If your car gets a flat tire, inflating it with an air compressor can keep the tire inflated long enough for you to drive to a shop to get the tire repaired. There are large air compressors designed for automotive shops, but a tire inflator made to plug into the car's cigarette lighter is adequate for any driver on the go and is small enough to store in the trunk or cargo area.

Car Escape Tool

ResQMe Car Escape Tool
ResQMe Car Escape Tool

This device can literally save your life if you are trapped inside your vehicle. The car escape tool is a multipurpose device that typically consists of a hammer to break a window and a blade to cut through a seat belt. A variety of sizes and styles are available, with some small enough to fit on a key chain.

Tow Rope

If your car ever slides off the road, you'll be glad to have a tow rope in your vehicle. Just remember to hook both ends of the tow rope to the frame of each car and not to the bumpers, because modern bumpers cannot withstand the weight of a vehicle and can detach from the cars. Tow chains and tow straps are also available.

First Aid Kit

An auto first aid kit is geared toward medical emergencies that can occur while you are on the road and can contain items like a rain poncho, emergency blanket, light, and distress flag in addition to the bandages, gauze, first aid tape, ointment and other items found in a typical first aid kit.

Interior Car Accessories

Some people spend a lot of time in their cars, and objects can pile up. Manufacturers have designed products that can help you stay organized or help you reach your destination.


When you're traveling in unfamiliar territory without another person present to help navigate, a GPS is invaluable. A GPS can provide vocal instructions that allow you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Sun Visor Organizer

Premier Visor Organizer
Premier Visor Organizer

You can prevent your car from becoming overrun with clutter by using a sun visor organizer. This car accessory attaches to the sun visor, making it an ideal place to store sunglasses, pens, tissues, notepads, maps, and other items you want to keep nearby, and it will help keep your car looking neat and clean.

Dashboard Sticky Mat

A no-slip dashboard mat provides a handy location to place items like your cell phone, extra keys, and portable GPS. These sticky mats hold the items in place within easy reach of the driver and front-seat passenger.

Trunk or Cargo Organizer

Whether you have a car with a trunk or a vehicle with an open cargo area, there is an organizer to meet your needs. Some organizers attach to the back of the rear seats by straps that hold the organizers up off the floor, leaving room for more storage below, while other organizers are totes designed to sit on the bottom of the truck or cargo area.

Exterior Car Accessories

You can also attach items to the outsider of your vehicle. One will help when you lock your keys in the car, while others demonstrate your interests or add a coolness factor to your vehicle.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors help keep wind and rain out of your vehicle when the windows are rolled partially down. Each wind deflector is attached to the vehicle right above a window. Deflectors are custom manufactured for each make and model and adhere to the vehicle right above the windows. You can also get sunroof air deflectors are also available.

Magnetic Key Holder

Few things are more frustrating than losing your keys, especially when you are far from home. One way to keep from becoming stranded when that happens is by placing a spare ignition key in a magnetic key holder, and then attaching the key holder to a hidden location on your vehicle.

License Plate Frame

License plate frames easily attach to your vehicle with screws and can display any subject you'd like, whether it is a college, a country, a sport or hobby. You may be able to find a ready-made license plate to show what interests you, but if you can't, one can be custom-made for you.


Originally designed to increase a car's aerodynamics by decreasing drag, the spoiler has become a popular accessory to show a driver's degree of coolness. A spoiler attaches to the rear of a vehicle and is sold in different shapes and sizes.

Why You Should Use Car Accessories

Your car is an expensive investment, and by purchasing the right accessories you can keep your car looking good, prevent yourself from becoming stranded by the side of the road, and show the world how cool you are.

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