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My Jeep Rocks is a website for the serious Jeep lover. Whether you're interested in recent or vintage Jeeps, this site is the place to purchase accessories and interact with other Jeep enthusiasts in the forum. You can also learn about events in the real world for extreme Jeep enthusiasts. Regardless of your specific reasons for visiting the site, you'll find that everyone going there has the same basic reason: they love their Jeep and want to network with other Jeep enthusiasts.

What You'll Find on My Jeep Rocks

The website has something for any Jeep lover, but the core community of this site is composed of Jeep enthusiasts who enjoy going on adventures in their Jeeps. Founded in 2005, the website has since gone on to purchase Jeep driving trails for outdoor enthusiasts. The website also includes subsections for different levels of engagement in the Jeep community.

Trail Reports

Those wishing to get in their Jeep and go off road can learn about the best driving places on My Jeep Rocks in the Trail Reports section. This is where other Jeep off-road enthusiasts write about places where you can drive your Jeep on a trail. The website makes a distinction between trails and tracks, with trails being wilder places than tracks. Trail reports are written by Jeep enthusiasts who have actually visited the place and can tell you first-hand what to expect when you get there -- for good or for ill.


You don't have to be an adventure-seeking Jeep enthusiast to get something out of the website. You can peruse items at the store, which accepts payments through PayPal. There are t-shirts, decals and front-and-back windshield banners available for purchase, all of which will help you display your love for the website on your chest or on your Jeep.


Some people aren't going to be content just reading about trails or exchanging information with other Jeep enthusiasts. If you want to go out to events sponsored by the website, you'll love the calendar where you can see what events are going on in your area. This gives you the opportunity to get together with other Jeep enthusiasts and trade information in the flesh, while also ogling each other's Jeeps.


When a Jeep is destroyed, it can be a tragic event. However, tragedy plus time equals comedy. You can see the disasters that have befallen other people's Jeeps in the "Stuck and Oops" section of the website. This includes everything from rollovers to destroyed tires. Anything that can go wrong with a Jeep is documented in the disaster section of the website. You can commiserate with other Jeep enthusiasts who have fallen on hard times or laugh at misfortune that did not befall you.


In order to participate in the website forums, you'll need to register. This is a place for you to discuss rides and events, trails and trail reports. You can also find parts and modifications for your Jeep through discussions with other members of the website. This can include cosmetic modifications, such as seat covers and decals. You can also find after-market performance parts in the forum from other members to customize your vehicle.

Getting Started

You can get started at My Jeep Rocks by poking around the galleries or the trail reports and seeing what interests you. If you decide that this site is the place for you, register for the forums and get going on the discussions. You're sure to meet some cool fellow Jeep enthusiasts and learn a few things about improving and enjoying your Jeep.

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