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If you're looking for the perfect cargo net for your SUV, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Also, while you can purchase cargo nets almost anywhere that sells auto supplies, there are a few SUV cargo net suppliers that consistently rank at the top of the list.

What to Look For in a Cargo Net

Most cargo nets are made from elastic bungee-type material that stretches to wrap around your cargo and then tightens to hold it snug and secure. Once you've used a cargo net, it's hard to ever own another vehicle without one. When you go to the grocery store, the cargo net will prevent your grocery bags from falling over and spilling throughout your trunk. When you buy anything fragile, a cargo net will keep it safe from breaking.

Capacity of Cargo Area

The first thing to consider when shopping for a new cargo net is how large the space is at the back end of your SUV. If you have a full-sized rear compartment that extends the entire width of your vehicle, then you'll need a net that can extend the entire distance from one interior wall of your vehicle to the other. If your storage area is only half of the width of your vehicle or you only plan to use a portion of the space for carrying loads, then pocket cargo nets would be more appropriate.

Type of Cargo

Consider what sort of things you most often haul in the rear cargo area of your SUV. You should choose the type of cargo net that will best suit your needs.

  • Do you mostly use the rear space in your SUV for groceries or for shopping bags? Consider pocket storage cargo nets that come with dividers separating the entire length of the net into sections.
  • Are the objects you load into the trunk usually large, like a cooler or large toys? If so, you may want to stick with a hammock style net that extends the width of your SUV and hugs your entire load together in one compartment.
  • Do you have a large cargo area and need to carry heavy objects? A good option is a net with an adjustable cargo bar that stabilizes heavy loads, while also dividing the cargo area into a front and rear section.
  • Do you tend to carry very small objects that you don't want to roll around while you travel? By buying pocket nets that attach to side walls and the rear of your seats, you can tuck away all of your small objects while conserving the rest of your space for your larger objects.

A cargo net gives you the ability to carefully organize the space at the rear of your SUV so that you can pack more into that area and carry more supplies any time you travel.

Where to Buy an SUV Cargo Net

Cargo nets are not all created equal. If you purchase from the wrong manufacturer, you could end up with a net made of cheap and flimsy material that won't last very long. The following manufacturers offer the highest quality nets that are known throughout the industry as the best of the best. Choose from any of these manufacturers, and you can't go wrong:

  • Bell Automotive has a whole catalog of car accessories and gear, not the least of which is the popular universal organizer net. You'll also find Bell "load lock" strap-down accessories created for truck owners, and these are useable for large loads in an SUV with large cargo space.
  • Keeper Automotive offers a wide assortment of cargo organizing gear like nets, bar dividers and more. The quality of materials is strong enough for truck owners, so the gear will surely meet your SUV needs. You can find Keeper gear at almost any auto retailer.
  • Heininger Products sells a large variety of auto gear for trucks, but much of the "HitchMate" line of organizing gear would work well in a large SUV as well.
  • Hopkins GoGear line of organizers will help you entirely organize any storage space in your SUV. Made of only high quality material, these accessories will transform how you pack for your next trip.

Regardless of where you buy your cargo net, look for a high-quality product you can really use. With the right net, you'll have a well-organized cargo area and put an end to groceries rolling around in the trunk.

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