Rear Seat Removal in a 2003 Ford Mustang Convertible

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If you're hoping to improve the speed of your car by decreasing its weight, the following instructions for rear seat removal in a 2003 Ford Mustang convertible may help.

About the 2003 Ford Mustang Convertible

The Ford Mustang had been around for nearly four decades when the 2003 model was released. Available as either a hard-top coupe or a convertible, the 2003 Mustang offered sporty styling and performance for an affordable price. The base model of the convertible had a 3.8-liter V6 engine capable of cranking out 190 horsepower. The GT and Cobra versions of the car offered even more impressive performance.

However, even the Cobra's six-speed manual transmission and 390 horsepower aren't enough for some hard-core enthusiasts. If you fall into this category, you might consider removing the car's back seat to improve its performance.

Relationship of Speed and Weight

While many things can affect your car's speed, weight is one of the most significant. This is because it takes a greater amount of force to move a heavy object than it does to move a light one. As a rule, heavier vehicles may also be more difficult to stop or control, since the driver must work against the car's momentum. If all other factors are equal, reducing the weight of the vehicle may increase its handling ability and acceleration.

The base model of the 2003 Ford Mustang Convertible has a curb weight of a little over 3,247 pounds. Many car experts estimate that removing the back seat can reduce the overall weight by about 50 pounds.

Process for Rear Seat Removal in a 2003 Ford Mustang Convertible

If you're handy with a socket wrench, you shouldn't have much trouble removing your car's rear seat. When it's time to take the seat out of the car, consider asking for help from a friend. Although none of the parts are extremely heavy, they can be large and awkward. Getting help from another person can help you avoid straining your back.

Things You'll Need

  • Large, open space to work
  • Ratchet
  • Socket wrench in 5/16-inch size
  • Small resealable plastic bag
  • Duct tape

What to Do

  1. Examine the rear seat carefully to find the release clips. These will be located on the sides of the bottom cushion, and they will be white. Push these clips simultaneously to unlock the bottom seat cushion. Lift it up, and remove it from the car. Remove the white clips using your socket wrench, and place them in the plastic bag.
  2. Fold down the top cushion, and remove the bolts holding it to the car. Remove the upper bolts first, and then move on to the lower bolts. Place the bolts in the plastic bag. Remove the top cushion from the vehicle.
  3. Seal the plastic bag, and use the duct tape to affix it to the underside of one of the seat cushions. This way, the parts will be handy if you need to reinstall your rear seat. Store the cushions in a clean, dry place.

Important Safety Consideration

If you don't carry passengers in your back seat, you may feel that the seat itself is simply dead weight. However, the rear seat also functions to keep objects from moving out of the trunk and into the car's passenger compartment. Install a cargo net or other barrier to keep loose items in the trunk. Avoid putting lightweight things in the trunk, since they could enter the passenger compartment and fly out of the car if the top is down.

If you're planning to reverse a rear seat removal in a 2003 Ford Mustang convertible, you should consider having a professional mechanic reinstall your car's rear seat. The seat is an important part of your car's safety equipment, and proper installation is crucial for passenger safety.

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Rear Seat Removal in a 2003 Ford Mustang Convertible