How Driving Simulators Can Help Your Skills

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Whether you are a beginning or seasoned driver, you may be introduced to a driving simulator as part of a driver's education course. Operating one of these machines is quite an adventure for some, but can teach an array of valuable lessons.

Five Benefits of Driving Simulators

There are a number of benefits associated with using driving simulators.

Exposure to Emergencies

When you get behind the wheel, the likelihood of being exposed to a plethora of emergency situations is rare, especially if you reside in a remote area. However, the simulator makes this possible as it enables drivers to experience a variety of unique situations, such as crash avoidance, rear end and head on collisions, random pedestrians and inclement weather. In each of these scenarios, a quick reaction is needed in order for the driver to avoid a collision. If you fail to respond appropriately, the simulator does not stop. Instead, it plays out the entire incident right before your eyes. Fortunately, it is only practice so your stress level will remain high for only a brief period of time.

Similar to Real Experience

Because of the exposure received while operating a simulator, you will be equipped with real-world experience that can be used to possibly avoid an unfortunate circumstance from taking place and in extreme cases, save your life. Also, the scenarios offer a gradual introduction to what awaits on the actual roadway.


Simulators are the perfect teaching tool as no one student has an advantage over the other. On the other hand, driver's education and actual on-road training is different, due to factors such as the condition of the roadway, weather, vehicle and tires. With that being said, a simulator definitely beats learning to operate a vehicle in a parking lot or on a long-winding road as it grants exposure to a number of scenarios in a short sitting.


Driving simulators grant control at your fingertips. As an instructor, you can create any situation that you want to coincide with the lesson you are trying to teach, so the complexity can vary from minimal to extreme, depending on the skill level of the driver.

Replay Capabilities

This feature allows for additional analysis and reflection in regards to the on-screen incident. When operating a new type of vehicle for the first time, it may be difficult to focus on a variety of factors around you, so you'll know what to watch out for should these complex situations arise in the future when you are actually on the road. The virtual instructor will also direct your attention to areas that need improvement along with your strong points.

Will a Simulator Benefit You?

Any driver, from a teenage who is new behind the wheel to an experienced truck driver, can learn from simulators. The conditions on roadways throughout the world vary, so it's impossible to encounter every possible scenario in real life. However, training using a driving simulator will provide the level of preparation you need in those on-road situations that pose a threat to your livelihood and others around you.

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How Driving Simulators Can Help Your Skills