Safe Car Pranks

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While everyone loves a good joke, injuries and property damage are never fun. Safe car pranks ensure guilt-free high jinks.

Car Pranks That Won't Hurt Anyone

Prank Props

Fake scratches, fake bullet holes, fake parking tickets and other prank props make quick and easy jokes. You can enjoy the moment of shock when the car owner first sees the ticket or "damage" while avoiding the mess and clean-up time of other efforts. Look for these accessories at gift shops, party stores and online retailers.

Cup on the Roof

Duct-tape an empty soda cup to the roof of your car, and enjoy the reactions of other drivers. To make the most of the joke, you need to act completely oblivious to the honks and hand signals that are sure to come your way - sing along with the radio with great gusto, smile and wave at well-meaning travelers, etc.

Moving the Car

You'll need access to the car keys for this prank. You can move the car just a few parking spaces over so the driver feels just a little out of sorts and forgetful, or you can move it to a completely different level of the parking garage to send the car owner on a scavenger hunt. If you move the car a long distance, make sure you keep an eye on the one being pranked and stop him before he calls the police to report a stolen car.

Small Changes

This is another prank requiring the car keys. The idea is to change one small thing in a person's car each day. For instance, reprogram a radio station, change the height of the driver's seat, or clean up a pile of leftover napkins. The longer you can keep this going, the better the overall effect. Just try to keep a straight face when your friend or co-worker complains about all the little things he or she doesn't remember doing to the car.


Wrapping someone's car is a classic safe car prank. You can use plastic wrap or toilet paper, and the more complete the covering, the better the effect. Be considerate, and save this prank for the weekend, or another time when unwrapping the car won't make someone late for school or work.

The Illusion of Damage

Leave some sugar sprinkled around the gas cap, so it looks like you've put sugar in the gas tank, a harmful prank that can cause serious damage. Another option is to leave a note saying, "I got you back!" or "I'm so sorry I hit your car!" The goal is to make the driver worried about what could have happened to the car.

Confetti Time

Fill the car's air vents with confetti. The driver will enjoy a fun shower the next time she turns up the air conditioner or heat.

Car for Sale

Make a "Car for Sale" sign and tape it to the window of someone else's car with his or her phone number on the paper. Make sure the car is parked in a highly visible area, and that the driver won't notice the sign long enough for a good deal of people to see it. The price should also be low, so the owner is sure to receive many calls.

Fill the Car

Fill the interior of the car with something that will pour out when the door is opened or just take up a lot of space making it impossible to get inside the car. A few ideas include:

  • Styrofoam packing peanuts
  • Shredded or crumpled up paper
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Balloons

Think of Your Own Harmless Car Pranks

Every popular safe car prank started as a devious idea in someone's mind. Create your own creative prank, and maybe someday pranksters the world over will be copying the trick you pioneered.

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